Connection Problem

  • ok for the past week or so now, EVERY GAME that i have STARTED, has ended the same way.

    i get about 1/2 way through the game when this little box pops up and says...

    "OOPS we just ran into a connection problem your game entry fee will be refunded"

    with the little button that say refresh game.

    this is not my internet problem as it is happening from various places.

    you ever going to fix this or should i just wipe this game off my list?

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  • Same here, get half way through game and then a "refresh" sign comes up. Haven't played a full game in weeks. PLEASE FIX ASAP!!!

  • same here it has been happening for a while now and i have not played a game in over a week

  • also its nice that the entry fee is refunded, but what about the coins i'm may have spent during the game on powerups? they wern't refunded at all.

  • STILL haven't been able to finish a game. When are you going to fix this. Love this game but haven't played a full game in almost a month. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

  • can't log on ,this game sucks numerous complaints but nothing happens.