AVG users, is your game not loading?

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  • Hi everyone!

    There have been a good number of reports recently here on the forums regarding games not loading. Specifically, some users are unable to proceed past the Solitaire and Prizes loading screen. For any users that have installed the antivirus and security software AVG, we may have a solution for you.

    AVG recently released a tracking feature, Do Not Track, which blocks websites from tracking user internet activity. Depending on your specific AVG configuration, Do Not Track may be blocking components vital to successfully running Solitaire and Prizes. The good news is, those configurations can be easily changed. Here's a step by step guide on how (PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS RESOLUTION IS ONLY APPLICABLE TO USERS WITH AVG INSTALLED ON THEIR COMPUTERS):

    1. In your browsers toolbar, look for the AVG icon that looks like an eye. Click on it.

    2. An AVG tracking mini-menu should open up. Click the Settings button.

    3. Now you should see a long list of items which AVG currently has blocked or unblocked. Scroll down until you reach Facebook Connect. If this item is checked off, uncheck it.

    4. Click Save

    5. Restart your browser

    6. Load Solitaire and Prizes

    Hopefully this works for most of you. For everyone else still encountering issues, please feel free to leave feedback and questions here on the forums at anytime. We're here to help!

    Thanks for playing!

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  • I do not use AVG....I have Avast....The website is not loading for me....please assist.....I checked the program...and facebook is added to it...thxs

  • Hi Connie,

    Which website? You mean the game is not loading?

  • I don not have avg and i was playing untill yesterday it wont load ???? windows xp nothing fancy and my friend is passing me lol HELP

  • I had AVG, but since have deleted it from my computer. I use google chrome, which was allowing the game to load up till about 4 days ago. I still had AVG at that time so thought it was that, although now that I don't have AVG on my laptop. I tried to enter the game and still won't load past the green loading.

  • i use nortan and google chrome and games are so messed up they are not working right

  • I have Avast and google chrome and game is not loading

  • mine isn't loading either, been like it for 3 days now. :-(

  • For two days now, all I get is the page that says my game is loading....I was at day 3 again on the bonus, and now I can't even get the game to come up...I don't know what is wrong because all my other games come up. Please let me know what is happening

  • using google chrome have avg did the avg settings still not loading have the green table thats all

  • just tried the game on safari and it worked so probably a glitch with google chrome and not avg

  • I use chrome also and it wouldnt load so I tried it on firefox and it opened right up

  • i've tried this and nothing is helping, i'm losing out on my daily shuffles and tickets to enter for prizes, think i might just delete and block the app. not happy though as i love this game :-(

  • Hi everyone,

    If you've already checked your AVG settings, the other suggestions I have would be to update your Flash players. Also, if your current Internet browser is not able to run the game, I would highly recommend trying it in another browser. If you're using Chrome, try Firefox or Internet Explorer. Let us know how that works!

  • tried every thing, still not working. :-(

  • Hi Mandy,

    What browsers have you tried?

  • I have Avast and have tried Chrome, Firefox and IE...still getting stuck on loading! Very frustrated right now. Was playing it for over 1 month and worked fine till last week.

  • Hi Melody,

    Our development team is currently looking into the issue. I'll have an update here on the forums when I have more information on a possible fix. Thanks.

  • I only use Internet Explorer, don't have avg or avast and game will not load today. Has loaded fine until today, please help

  • My game will not load either, I use Avast, but have not had any issues with loading until today. I tried loading it using Chrome and Internet Explorer neither worked.

  • I have not been able to play at all today, game not loading. grrrrr

  • What the heck!!! Finally able to play but have started again with my free daily prizes, I play everyday and would have 5 picks and now I have to start over, plus I have bought sooo many tokens for the draws for the prizes!!! WTF!!!

  • The page loaded, allowed me to hit play and then froze. It took my tokens and then gave me nothing.

  • I have been waiting to play, so frustrating, I have lost coins twice because I purchase a round to play, then it won't load and I lost another 100 coins. what is going on?????

  • Hi everyone,

    You may have noticed, Solitaire and Prizes experienced an outage today, nobody was able to load in. The problem should be fixed and the game should run fine now with a few clean up issues we are still working on. Let us know here if you're running into any other difficulties. Sorry for the inconvenience today folks, and we do appreciate your patience. Thanks!

  • I finally got in yesterday afternoon, but my daily shuffle dropped to 2 days, also couldn't collect from all my friends, and now today same issue game will not load.

  • Hi Patty,

    We had an outage yesterday which affected a few mechanics in-game, including the Daily Prize Game. The game should be fully operational now though. Where is it not loading? Also what browser and flash version are you running?

  • I thought it was ME, but my Daily Prize was off huh! Love my Daily Prize, its a big thing for me! And I should be on my second day, not first day again, right?? Games, like these, have been therapy for me after I had a stroke. Solitaire was good for me, Prizes made it really fun. My browser is Firefox 12 and the flash is the newest Adobe 12 or 13. It was off on my laptop but it clears up on the 'full picture' game. I also used some FB coins to run Daily Prize again, but for one card, that was my short thinking. Sorry that I'm not clear -- you are all the BEST!! Thank you!! ------------Denise

  • my game doesn't load after it takes my coins and i push the play button! i just get green and it is stuck on loading...

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