The Wedding Invitation Pre registration (CLOSED)

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  • A Grand Wedding will take place in Silkroad!

    And here is where it will all begin!

    Take the first step to forever with your life time party partner.

    [Registration Period]

    February 3 - February 24, 2015 (3 weeks)

    [Event Mechanics]

    1. Couples who wish to join “The Grand Wedding” event should plan and prepare their wedding invitation. The couple should include the couples’ character names, server and the name of attendees. Couple should also finalize the Date, and Time (Joymax Standard Time) when their wedding will be held, and the venue of the wedding in-game.

    2. Once the details have been settled, either the bride or groom can submit the wedding invitation under “The Wedding Invitation Event” thread on Silkroad Online Facebook Page.

    3. Among the entries, GMs will select the couple that will be qualified for the Grand Wedding. A schedule of confirmed weddings will be posted every week.

    [Bonus and Prizes]

    - The couple and attendees listed in selected invitations can qualify for the in-game event, “The Grand Wedding”.

    - At the end of the Event Period, 10 players who have submitted the most creative invitation cards will be given an extra prize.

    Leveling Up Package (10 winners)

    3 pcs Skill EXP Ticket

    10 pcs Party Buff Scrolls

    10 berserker generation Scrolls

    [Sample Entry]


    • The Invitation should clearly indicate the character names of attendees/friends you wish to come and celebrate your union of love. Couple can invite 10-15 guests.
    • If your requested time is unavailable, the player will be contacted via FB to reschedule or set your wedding on a better or available time slot.
    • Once your wedding schedule has been approved by the GM, it cannot be re-scheduled to another date or time.
    • Only the player who has submitted the invitation can receive the extra prize. He/she can share the package to his/her partner in game

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  • Server Dionysis

    Character xX_SpydeR_Xx

    Time 00:00

    Feb 6, 2015

  • Server Dionysis

    character O_Lunatica_O

    time 00:30

    Feb 6, 2015 in gm room :)

  • Server: Dionysus

    Time: Feb 6 1:30 Silkroad Time

    char name : Jane24

    place : GM room

  • Server: Dionysus

    Time: Feb 6 at 3:00 SilkRoad Time

    Character Name: Luva

  • Wedding : The_Gho0oST & Boldizsar

    Server : Dionysus

    Time: Feb 9 at 6:00 SilkRoad Time

    place GM Room

  • Wedding : U_S_A & _A7A

    Server: Dionysus

    Place GM Room

    Date : Feb 7 at 5:00 SilkRoad Time

  • Wedding : _MoMeN_4 & _FlowShadow_

    Server: Dionysus

    Time : Feb 6 at 23:30 SilkRoad Time

    Place: GM Room

  • Wedding : SWORD_N_S & iNoodLike_I

    My Character : SWORD_N_S

    Server : Artemis

  • Wedding : VViZARD_S & VVARiOR_S

    My character : VViZARD_S

    Server : Artemis

  • Wedding : Wizard_S & Warior_S

    Character : Wizard_S

    Server : Artemis

  • Wedding : DraKuLa_X & Cleric_S

    My Char. name : DraKuLa_X

    Server: Artemis

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