My Pledge of Love (CLOSED)

  • Capture those passionate moments, prepare thy personalized vows this month of love,

    To each and every couple of Silkroad this is a must have.

    Recall the feeling of roaming over excitement,

    Reminisce through eternity in the "Pledge of love" event.

    [Event Period]

    Entry period: February 3 - February 24, 2015 (3 weeks)

    Announcement of winners: March 3, 2015

    [Event Mechanics]

    1. Players should compose and post their pledge or vow to their love ones through Facebook.

    Player may write his/her vow and incorporate it with in game screenshot or a self-made postcard.

    Vows can be for spouse or partners, friends, parents, BF/GF. Vows can be sentimental, humorous or serious.

    2. Player should submit his/her entry on Silkroad Online Facebook Page Event Section> My Pledge of Love Thread.

    3. 15 Most creative, most touching, attention grabbing, sincere vows will win.


    Each winner will receive 1 pc Extension Gear.


    • Players may submit multiple entries but can only win once.
    • Community Manager’s Decision is final


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  • Character Name: Tallulah

    Server: Dionysus

  • Character:Luva


    Pledge Of Love <3

  • Character Name: LoLoT

    Server: Dionysus

  • Name NoMerci__

    Sever: Artemis

  • Character Name : II_Osiris_II

    Server : Selene

    Pledge Of Love <3


  • Character name: nelly20

    Server: Nemesis

  • Char Name : SuneV

    Server: Dioysus

  • Char Name: _FANTASTIC_3

    Server: Dionysus

  • Char name : The_Gho0oST

    Server: Dionysus

  • Char Name: Blaze0fGlory

    Server: Dionysus

  • _Un4GiveMe_


  • _THE_OnE__

    Dionysus Server

  • _I_SeLeNa_I_

    Server : Dionysus


  • Char name : Titusz

    Server : Dionysus

    Pledge of Love Event

  • Boldizsar

    Server : Dionysus