Caption This! Week 3 (CLOSED)

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  • Here’s a pic, about to speak

    But dialogues were trimmed.

    Players should think of a funny speech…

    Come and join caption this!

    [Event Period]

    Week 3: March 17-24, 2015

    [Event Procedure]

    1. A Silkroad- related scenery will be posted here.

    2. Players should come up with an interesting caption for the photo and post it under the event thread on SROR FB Page. Players should also indicate their character and server name in their comment.

    3. Community manager will randomly select 3 lucky winners per week.

    [Answer Format]




    Server Name:

    Character name:


    Each winner will receive 1 pc SP Increase Ticket and 1 pc EXP Increase Ticket


    - Players may freely decide on the order of the conversation ex: Character B may speak first before Character A.

    - Player may also add additional thought bubble and submit the copy of the image with actual conversation.

    - Player may submit multiple entries but can only win once during the whole event period.

    - Community manager’s decision is final


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  • A. Die you stupid monster B.oh! my hero you saved my life C.Good job both of you Server Name:Hermes Char name :DIDO210

  • A: Die you stupid monster

    B: oh! my hero you saved my life

    C: Good job both of you

    Server Name:Selene

    Character name :exol

  • A:Call for your Mom's help newbie

    B:Dammit we need help here

    C:Am gonna shit my pants :(

    Server Name:Oceanus

    Character name:Muzikaty

  • server : Hermes

    Char : EdoTensei

  • a : I'm gona kill you

    b : WoW nice city

    c : let's take selfie with monster

    char name : MOMENABDELAM

    Server : Themis

  • Server Dionysis

    Character xX_SpydeR_Xx

  • B: Watch Out!!! my warrior (Shout-out)(Crying)

    A: Ha ha ha ha, I already killed your warrior.

    B: Noooooooooooooo.

    C: Oo Her lover is dead, I'm going to act like I'm dead.. bye beautiful.

    B: Don't leave me alone :(

    Server Name : Thebes

    Character Name : eVoX

  • B: Yes, dear viewers. Welcome to the new street fight. This week's episode has yasuo stone man and swordsman.

    A: Come yasuo. I will break your bones. Don't Escape!!!

    C: How nice I watch free street fight. Hahaha :)

    B: Hey! Please remove this freeloaders.

    Server Name :Athena

    Character Name: britanny_07

  • A. Yah!

    B. Told him.

    C. Rez scroll 15k.

    Server : Gobi

    Character name : MrWise

  • A >>what do u think u will do ?! :D u noob .

    B >>need help friend ?! lets finish him together .

    C >> good jop guys :D i just do my job

    char >> JeanDarc

    Server >> Nemisis

  • A: Why you destroyed my Seal of Sun weapon? Take this!

    B: I told him to take care above +5...

    C: Poor guy haha! Never listen to anybody.

    Server Name: Dionysus

    Character Name: _WarK_

  • A: Your next boy!

    C: Selfie first.

    B: Hey! Hyeongcheon over here!

    Server Name: Athena

    Character name: ___037___

  • A) Get a life

    B) we Gamer's don't have a life.

    C) we have many

    C) He will only re-spawn anyway

    Server Name: Athena

    Char name _Rya_

  • A: Princess is Just Mine, Dies Rookie!!!

    B: Nooooo, the loved me with the heart

    C: love made him lose this head xD

    Chart WolfGosh

    Server Themis


    B: Run! Run as quick as you can!

    C: NO! NO BLOOD ON THE STREET! I just done cleaning this wall...

    Server: Hades

    Character: 1Q

  • a : "I'll murder ya!"

    b : "Pick out two."

    c : "Oh, you're an intelligent imbecile!"

    char name : deathrix

    Server : Nemesis

  • A: monster. i will kill you all noob players

    B: GM. what kind of those noob players have free seal of star full items and wepon and still die ! lol ^_^

    C: nbc. the game gives free seal items no one buys anything from me .. lost my job :'(

    server name : athena

    Character name : x_fulla_x

  • A : You're not with us ! :) ahaha

    B : I will complain to you GM dirt.

    C : blood keeps me. :(

    server name : DİONYSUS

    charecter name : ___VusLaT___




    Server : Artemis

    Character Name : Ey0oSheoma

  • B:Who will win in this battle will have me as reward.

    A: 1 Hit *Hahahahahaha*

    C: Oh crap,he is dead

    Server Name: Selene

    Character name: ExtaZzy1337

  • A: Dont Ever Try To Harm Queen Sunve

    B: RockMan Stop Killing Every One Come Near To ME

    C: Beauty And The Beast No Interfere

    Server: Hades

    Character Name: Sunve

  • A : what do u think u will do ?! :D u Big noob .

    B : need help friend ?! lets finish him together .

    C : good jop guys :D i just do my job ^,..,^ HaHaHaH

    Server Name: Athena

    Character name: Jeefo

  • A: Where's Your Head Now Noob

    B: i Dont see it ... i Dont see it

    C: Oh, i Think i'm in The Wrong Pic xD

    Server Name: Selene

    Character name: KL_A_SH

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