Caption This! Week 2 (CLOSED)

  • Here’s a pic, about to speak

    But dialogues were trimmed.

    Players should think of a funny speech…

    Come and join caption this!

    [Event Period]

    Week 2: March 10-17, 2015

    [Event Procedure]

    1. A Silkroad- related scenery will be posted here.

    2. Players should come up with an interesting caption for the photo and post it under the event thread on SROR FB Page. Players should also indicate their character and server name in their comment.

    3. Community manager will randomly select 3 lucky winners per week.

    [Answer Format]




    Server Name:

    Character name:


    Each winner will receive 1 pc SP Increase Ticket and 1 pc EXP Increase Ticket


    - Players may freely decide on the order of the conversation ex: Character B may speak first before Character A.

    - Player may also add additional thought bubble and submit the copy of the image with actual conversation.

    - Player may submit multiple entries but can only win once during the whole event period.

    - Community manager’s decision is final


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  • A: WHO RUB MY LAMP!!!!!

    C:Not me *worried*

    B: He did it!

    Server Name: Selene

    Character name: Kabo1337

  • C: Are you a real GENIE!

    A: Yes,Sir.

    C:Kill that DEMON!

    B:Holy crap *running*

    Server Name: Selene

    Character name: MS_CaTii

  • B: where you going Genie

    A: Sorry somebody rub my lamp, i gotta go

    C: Always the same lame excuse, when we go to battle -.-

    Server Name: Chronos

    Character name: Gengiskhan

  • A; dude you're a great

    B; I am ashamed to mate

    C; What is happening to you so

    Server Name: Athena

    Character name ; Ekurizy_

  • B: Hey ! "Evil"

    A: You Said Something ??!!

    C: Ops! "Worried*

    Server Name: Artemis

    Character name ; sYstem_eYes

  • B: Hey Genie . Who is this

    A: A fool do not know me

    C: The space you do not care who I am :)

    Server Name : Chronos ,

    Character Name : KRiTiKa