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  • Selling 3rd edition of Bedford Researcher for $24

  • Selling:



    Jack Schaeffer

    Writing 39B


    Reservation Blues

    Sherman Alexie

    Writing 39B

  • Selling:


    The American Dream and the Public Schools

    For Writing 39C topic: Education in America

  • Selling:

    Writing 39C - Defining Success

    BEDFORD RESEARCHER (Very good condition)


    Outliers: The Story of Success (Very good condition)


  • Selling:

    Writing 39C:

    Bedford Researcher (3rd Edition)

    Anteaters Guide for Writing & Rhetoric (3rd Edition)

    all are in great condition, message me if interested!

  • Selling: The Bedford Researcher (3rd edition)

    Price: $20

    Condition: Like New

    If interested, message me on facebook

  • Frank Miller Sin City The Hard Goodbye- $8

    Writing 39B Gangster and Culture

    Message if interested

  • Literary Journalism 20:

    Literary Journalism by Norman Sims and Mark Kramer

    in good condition, $7

    fb message me if interested

  • SELLING for WR 39B/39C

    BEDFORD RESEARCHER (3rd edition): $20



    All in excellent condition

    FB message me if interested

  • SELLING: Bedford Researcher (3rd edition)

    Good condition, $20 or best offer

    SELLING: Common Ground in a Liquid City (for writing 39c)

    New (bought but not used), $13 or best offer

    Message or email Lkha@uci.edu

  • Selling:

    Writing 31 Fiction Writing:

    Ron Carlson Writes A Story

    The Store and Its Writer

    all in great condition, msg me if interested :)

  • Hey guys if you have stuff to sell post them on Ryro and once you post it, you won't have to repost it all the time since the posts refresh themselves and it's free to join. It's backed up by a lot of campus organizations so it's worth checking it out. www.ryrobooks.com



    The Bedford Researcher (third edition) - $15

    The Death and Life of the Great American School System by Diane Ravitch - $7

    Play It As It Lays by Joan Didion - $5

  • Selling:

    Writing 39C (Theme: Success):

    - Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell - $10

    - The Bedford Researcher by Mike Palmquist (3rd ed.) - $25

    Both for $30

    Message me if interested

  • Selling:

    Easy Writer 3rd edition by Andrea A. Lunsford - 5$

    The Bedford Researcher 3rd edition by Mike Plamquist - 15$

    Both are in great condition/fairly new.

    Message me if you're interested! Thank you.

  • _____________________SELLING____________________

    writing 39

    Frankenstein (penguin classics deluxe edition)

    paperback; comic book cover

    unmarked, like new! no bends, tears!


    picture can be provided!

    message me if interested!

  • Selling:

    WR 39C (Defining Success)- Outliers: the story of success (hardcover) - $10

    The Bedford Researcher 3rd Edition - $25

    AGWR (Anteater's Guide to Writing & Rhetoric) - 3rd Edition - $20

  • Anteater Writing & Rhetoric (3rd Edition)

    Condition- Poured water on it so the corners are damaged, but readable


    Anteater Writing & Rhetoric (2nd Edition)

    Condition- Good


    Bedford Researcher

    Condition- Like new



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