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    ECONOMICS 20A & 20B: Custom Edition for UC Irvine


    ISBN: 978-1-133-44353-7

    (this doesn`t include Aplia code)

    Great Condition!

    ---$40, used at UCI bookstore for $65.65

  • Econ 15A-B

    Statistics for Business & Economics by McClave $40 (International addition but exactly the same except paperback)

    Econ 100A:

    Microeconomics by Pindyck $25 (International addition but exactly the same except paperback)

  • Selling Econ 20A/20B

    Principles of Economics 5th edition Mankiw (UCI Edition) $30.

    Very good condition. No marks. Message me if interested.

  • Selling:

    Economics of Social Issues (Sharp, Register, and Grimes)

    -I dropped the class, so the book is brand new.

    Price negotiable. Message me if interested.

  • Elements of Statistics - Ramsey - $20

    Statistics for Business and Economics 10e - 15$

    Introduction to Econometrics 2nd Edition - James Stock -10$

    An Intro to Behavioral Economics - 20$


    Updated 82 months ago by the author.
  • Selling Economics 20 A/B by Mankiw for $35

  • Selling:

    Economics 13/ IS 13--Global Economy Custom Edition for UCI Sarraf

    ISBN 9781133689232

    Book is practically brand new. No markings or highlighting. Cover is barely worn.

    Price: $130

    If interested please message me :)

  • Selling: Principles of Microeconomics (Econ 20A/B), Mankiw 4th Edition, paperback

    Price: $35 negotiable

    Condition: used, like new

    Message me if interested


    ECON 20A/20B

    Principles of Economics by N. Gregory Mankiw

    Brand new w/o Aplia :)

    ECON 100A/100B

    Microeconomics 7th edition by Pindyck

    Good condition!

    ECON 15A/15B

    The Elements of Statistics by James B. Ramsey

    Good condition!

    Message me if interested!

  • Buying:

    Introduction to Econometrics by Stock & Watson (ECON 122A)


    Math 4 Coursepacket - $30

    Econ 15A/B Elements of Statistics - $80

    Message me please!


    ECON 151A (Labor Economics) with Professor Neumark

    Labor Economics, 5th Edition, **International Edition** (Same material inside)

    $35, Good condition (just some highlighting/writing)

    I also have textbooks for classes not offered this summer session or in the fall.

    Textbooks for:

    ECON 13 (Global Economy) -- (Authors: Coe, Kelly, and Yeung)

    ECON 149 (Business Decisions) -- All three books

    Message me if interested!

  • Selling Econ 100A/ Econ 100B textbook

    Microeconomics 7th Edition by Pindyck and Rubinfeld

    Excellent condition - $50

    Message if interested! (:


    Economics 20 A/B

    Custom Edition for UC Irvine


    does not include Aplia

    Like New Condition


  • Selling Econ 13- Global Economy in very good condition for $75 (price negotiable).

    Message me if interested.

  • Econ 20A/20B: Principles of Economics 6th Edition [no aplia] - $40

  • Econ 20A/20B:

    Econ 20 A/B Custom Edition for UC Irvine - Mankiw

    Brand new w/o aplia In packaging


    Message me on facebook!


    Class: MGMT 1

    Book: Introduction To Business (custom) W/connect Comp

    ISBN: 9780077662974

    message me !!! :)


    Econ 20 A

    Prin Of Economics 6th/aplia

    ISBN: 9781133615927

  • selling econ 25 textbook, same book, i checked at the bookstore for you. selling it for a good price, message me.

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