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  • ECON 20A

    Selling Principles of Economics by Mankiw. $35.

    Good condition, very few markings or highlights. Message me if interested!

  • buying econ 15b for Johnson's class The Elements of Statistics. Message me :)

  • Selling Microeconomics 7th Edition -Pindyck

    For Econ 100A and 100B.


  • Selling Financial Accounting-Kimmel, Weygandt, Kieso (5th Edition)

    Looseleaf, with binder.

    For Econ 25, Management 30A


  • Selling Mathematics for Economics-Staff

    UCI Custom Edition

    For Math 4


  • Selling Microeconomics (7th edition) Pindyck: $40! Like new!

    It's used for both Econ 100A & 100B.

  • Selling Econ 13 textbook

  • Selling: The Elements of Statistics (for Econ 15A and 15B)

    Price: $ 100

    Condition: Like New

    If interested, message me on facebook

  • Selling Econ 13 textbook (used for Sarraf's class) :D

    I'll provide a picture of the book if needed. :P


  • selling 15A/B textbook: the elements of stats, bought it for 90ish and selling it for 75 plus ill give YOU. the hw+study stuff. trust me, ill take care of you, its all typed up so its not all smudged n stuff. interested? fb me. this is for JOHNSON,

  • Selling Econ 1: Economics of Social Issues, 19th edition for $25. Very Good Condition. Message my facebook if interested. :)

  • Econ 149:

    1. Thinking Strategically: The Competitive Edge in Business, Politics, and Everyday Life by Dixit and Nalebuff for $10

    2. The Pyschology of Judgment and Decision Making by Plous (1st Edition) for $10

    3. Rational Choice in an Uncertain World: The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making by Hastie and Dawes (2nd Edition) for $40

    Econ 142A:

    Modern Industrial Organiazation by Carlton and Perloff (4th Edition) for $45

  • Economics 20 A/B

    Custom Edition for UC Irvine


    does not include Aplia

    ISBN-13: 978-1-133-44353-7

    ISBN-10: 1-133-44353-2

    LIKE NEW - $50

    Updated 85 months ago by the author.
  • Principles of Microeconomics

    N. Gregory Mankiw

    fifth edition



    Used but in GREAT condition


  • For ECON 100A AND 100B: Microeconomics 7th edition by Pindyck! $40 OBO. Message me!

  • Econ 13

    Economics/IS 13- Global Economy

    Professor George Sarraf

    $100 (price negotiable)

    Condition: Great, recently bought/used once

    Message me :)

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