Scrabble for Beginnerds 101: Ratings, The Elo System

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  • What does "bump" mean?

  • It just means that someone is responding to a thread in order to bump it back up -- to keep it near the top of the discussion board.

  • I dropped from 7th place (amongst my friends) to 33rd in 24hours. How is that possible? (it is a matter of about 100 pts)

  • haha, that sucks...

    You must have lost some games against some lower rated players and those ppl all went up cause the beat higher ranked players.

    Even if you stayed the same ranking... 20 other ppl can still go up in ranking cause of their wins... which would push you on down the list. I never pay attention to where I am in the list, only what my own ranking is.

  • After reading the posts by Cory and Doug I can't say I understand it but I can see where with some focus and concentration I'll have it down. I think the best approach is just to play people above you and within range. I have been maintaining a 1600+ rating but that is the lower limit I put in; it has been as high as 1719.

    What I don't understand is the tiles. I have some games where when playing especially good players I have to eat one rack of vowels after another. Sometimes I even exchange only to get the same or worse vowels. I know that' "complaining" but it appears more than coincidental!

  • Mike, so I think you need to ask yourself: What did you do to make the Scrabble gods angry?

  • Adrienne, I don't think I did anything to make them mad; I just showed up and they started playing favorites!

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  • I have a question: does the EA version of the Elo Rating system count forfeits a losses somehow? I've had two opponents recently forfeit games well after the first 3 plays, but definitely in the early stages. I don't know their ratings, but in one, I was just barely ahead, and my rating went down as a result. In the other, I was just barely behind, and my rating went up a bit.

    To me, it seems unfair if they *only* count the difference in scores and ignore the fact that one player forfeited. It must take into account wins and losses (as in chess ratings) as well as scores, right?

  • |:-\ I said 'simplify'. I've already read this mess. LOL Guess we all know why I was only a C student in school (except spelling :D)

  • If you play someone whose rating is lower than yours and you lose, your rating takes a bigger hit.

    If you play someone whose rating is higher than yours, your rating goes up more.

    Either way, a win is a win and a loss is a loss.

  • Ok I'm with you so far, so, would that mean my opponents on the 1502 rating are better players than the higher rating? I have a lot of drop-outs despite a plea in my title they can read before they accept the challenge, PLEASE, No Drop-outs. But that's another issue.

  • Oh, I mentioned the drop-outs since it can affect your score. Trying to figure out how it does that.

  • "my opponents on the 1502 rating are better players than the higher rating?"

    I don't understand that sentence.

  • If they drop out... and the game is forfeited... or force forfeited... it counts as a loss for them and a win for you.

    If their stats are higher than yours, and you win, it will affect your rating more significantly.

    If their stats are lower than yours, and you win, it's still a win, but it wont give you quite the same boost.

  • Ok that last one I comprehend. LOL Thank you.

    "I don't understand that sentence"

    I think you just explained it in the last post. Thank you for your help.

  • Okee doke. :)

  • Do you have to pay a certain number of games before you see your statistics change? I've finished 5 games and my rating still shows 1,200 and it doesn't seem to show any of my other info like win/loss, highest word, or highest game.

  • Stats are usually update once a day, the following morning.

  • Thank you for the quick response. I've been playing for days. Maybe I have to close my browser and start fresh to see it updated. :-)

  • The stats have been glitching lately.. they will eventually right themselves.

  • Thank you. I wish there was a more timed way to play this game in one reasonable session. So many people get down to no tiles left and then never even finish the game. Even 10-15 minutes a word would be more reasonable then spending days between words.

  • I dont have any trouble at all. if you play say 25-30 games at a time, there's almost always someone playing. it's just a different way of making the game work for you.

  • From the OP:

    "Just because you win a game, doesn't mean your rating should or will increase. If you are playing a weaker opponent who does well against you, you may lose rating points even though you won the game. The expected outcome is for the stronger player to win. If the stronger player has a weaker showing, the player who loses may even get a couple points added to his/her rating while taking a loss. Even if you win 5 games and only lose one game, your score may still drop depending on the strength of your opponents."

    This was written by the original poster and is false. You WILL NEVER lose points for winning, you may not get any points, if, for example, you're a 2000 rated player who beats a 1400 rated player. The ELO system has nothing to do with how well someone performs during the game, in any way. In other words, if a 2000 rank beats a 1200 rank with a score of 402 to 399, the lower ranked player DOES NOT get any points for having "performed well". It's based entirely on win/loss, and the ratings of the two players playing.

  • yes, that has been corrected. What was written there was what used to be on the developer's help site.

    Here is the formula -

    for a tool to calculate your rating change see here. The weighting factor is 32:

  • That original post was from well over a year ago. I don't think FB can count beyond one year. And besides, it was corrected before the end of the first page.

  • @Doug- I don't think anyone is reading your post. lol. The questions repeatedly asked are the one's you've answered.

  • Ryan, where did you find this thread to comment on? It was part of a forum that was supposedly deleted a year ago or so.

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