• How does your ranking go up; after so many games won?

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  • No. They're using some variant of the Elo Rating system which takes into account the difference in opponents ratings as well as win/loss.

    If you just barely beat someone who has a MUCH lower rating than yours, your rating could actually drop.

    Basically, the idea is to compare your performance to your expected performance.

    ETA: Oh--another point: normally your ratings only update on FB Scrabble once a day. Just recently, something was going on where they were changing throughout the day, but I'm not sure if that's going to be the new status quo or was maybe a one-time thing.

  • Thank you.

  • very helpful, thank you

  • I dont think your rating ever drops as a result of a win; nor does it increase as a result of a loss. And the amount by which you beat someone makes no difference in this rating system, unless they've changed it recently. You will always gain at least 1 point for a win and lose at least one point for a loss. The max appears to be 30 in either direction. It's simply a question of who won and and then a comparison of your rating to that of your opponent.

    The link below gives a very close approximation of what happens to your rating as a result of a single win or loss (assuming you know your rating and your opponent's rating):


    Use a weighting factor of 30.

  • Always play people rated much higher than you if you're worried about your ranking. When I lose to Eric I only lose a point but when he loses to me I gain 30...that means I can lose to him 29 out of 30 games and still come out even and since that about the win-loss ratio.... :(

  • I won five games yesterday and lost one yet my ratings dropped 15 points overall.

  • Couple possibilities:

    The one you lost was to a much lower ranked player, as were the ones you won;


    The cut off for the calculations didn't include all the games. It's hard to tell sometimes when they count.

  • Confusing...hopefully one of these days I will get it ;-)

  • For the record, I've won only 2 more games than Zelda has in our series. She's being modest. But she's right that if you're rated 1900 and you only play opponents rated 1200, you'd have to win 29 out of 30 games just to break even.

  • The best thing to do is to not worry too much about the ratings and just play people who challenge you or who you enjoy playing...if you're a good player it will eventually show. My rating goes up and down weekly by 150-200 pts...so what? I'm still playing people I like to play.