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  • Is there a way to turn notifications on/off. I use to get a notification on my home page that it was my turn to play, but now I don't. anybody else have this problem? And can it be fixed?

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  • I have the same problem..and so do afew of my friends...very frustrating going back and for to see if it your turn...hope it can be fixed..

  • Ongoing prob being worked on.Hey EA what is the lastest.EA is our Montreal FB techie!

  • I can't get rid of my's always showing 1....but then when I go to play, it's not my turn.

  • Paulette- open Scrabble and look on the top right above the app ticker. There is a number on the Scrabble icon there. Go to Scrabble by clicking on that scrabble icon.

    presto, your number on the Homepage notification will be gone.

    The number on the homepage (if there is one) is the number of games someone started with you where they hit either the Send notification screen or Xed out of that screen rather than hitting Cancel to send the notification.

    The number is not (at the moment) the number of turns you have. It is not even the number of new games. It is ONLY the number of new game notifications you have not cleared from the list at the top of the app ticker.

    more in the next post.

  • notifications not showing:

    this is a known issue and is being worked on by the developer. There is nothing you can do to fix it yourself. This thread has what I think is happening with it:

    meanwhile all you can do is either open Scrabble whenever you come to FB, or you can keep a tab open to Scrabble on the My Turn Games list. Games should show up there when it is your turn.

  • Ok I have heard this now for 2 weeks!!!!!!!! Getting tired of the excuses!!!! Get it done! ):

  • whatever, Terry. I just share the message of what I know of the issue, and have nothing to do with the app itself. If it upsets you so much, go write the developer by using the contact developer link on the Back to Scrabble page.

  • NOT mad at you dear! I was posting to them! And YES I have written to them! NOTHING back! ):

  • ok

  • :)

  • Thanks Howard! That worked!

  • you are welcome. Now if EA can just find the link FB broke to make the number show how many games it is our turn in! The number that now shows is useless info, and you have to go to two (or more) places to get rid of it.

  • maybe when EAm Monte stops by he could explain the process of what has to be done to make changes to an app working on FB. I suspect there is a lot more than we might think to finding, testing, checking for other issues that might get broken by a fix and finally installing changes...but then I am a carpenter not a programmer. :)

  • Did NOT help nor did it make ANY sense!!!!!!!! Nothing about How or when we get to see when it's our turn! ??? ):

  • It is broken at the moment, you have nothing to do to fix it.

  • We are currently working to resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience!

  • so according to your second link, EAm, it seems we are getting the User-generated Requests, but not the App-generated Requests.

  • We can't use the increment/decrement functions anymore. We now have to use the app requests.

  • We can't be as precise as before about the turn notifications.

  • see...I knew it was not as easy as we may think to fix this ;)

  • ? All I KNOW is....FB says It's Scrabble that can't keep up with the times! Scrabble say's it's FB! And everyone is giving us the little people a LOT of BS answers and thinking we are going to be Ok with it? Hmmmmmmmmm sounds an awful like like the Government these days don't it!? "We're WORKING on it!".......): OK!

  • Maybe there's no fix and they don't have the heart to tell us that. I got used to just clicking on the Scrabble icon to see if there are games waiting. It's really not a big deal that everyone is making it out to be.

  • Calm down Terry.It is FREE and if you have probs waiting try another game!

  • I play with 10 Other people! Thats a LOT of People to have to write to when it's Their turn and then mine too! ):

  • you don't have to tell them when it is their turn and you can click under active games to see if it is your turn.One click and they can do the same. I play 15 games and do it this way until fixed so what is the prob? I play on a laptop do u?Iphone?

  • What do you mean 'write to' ? Everyone should keep checking to see if they have games to play. Nobody should have to do that for them.

  • Agreed Nina.Never heard of anyone doing that and I hav been on the boards almost 3 years daily.@ Terry Try or perhaps Lexulous so your smoke can clear while they fix things!If yu want quick results Terry perhaps you want to PAY a techie to work it out for the FREE program!

  • Reg compt! And we do it for each other so we don't have to KEEP checking! And some of them can't even Play the game since this started! Can't get on!

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