Force forfeit in Scrabble

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  • How can you force someone to forfeit in Scrabble? My opponent hasn't returned to the game in over 3 days. Isn't there some way to end the game? All I see is a "forfeit" and I don't want to forfeit.

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  • If it's a public game, eventually the game should automatically nudge after a certain amount of time, then force forfeit it. If it is a private game, the "nudge" (and later "force forfeit") button should appear beside the game when it goes to the "inactive games" file (the third file of games.

    However, these things have been inconsistent since the last update. One public game where I had selected "fast" took about 10 days of my opponent not playing before she was nudged, and now I'm waiting to see what will happen. And the whether or not a nudge button ever appears on my "private" games has been inconsistent, as well.

    My advice is to keep an eye on it, and just....wait. Don't forfeit -- eventually, something has to happen!

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  • also is there a way to remove completed games and or inactive other than forfeit?

  • Eventually, the completed games will move to the archives -- but, again, that has been inconsistent since the last update.

    Inactive games that are not nudged generally disappear after about 60 days, but I have no idea how consistent that will be since the new update.

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  • I started 4 games between 2weeks and 2 months ago thinking that they would finish. I'm winning in all 4 games. I'm going on a 2 week vacation in 3 days and won't have access to these games.

    What sucks is that I will be automatically forfeited while on vacation even though I've been playing on time and the rude people that are taking 2-3 days per play are going to win.

  • Be sure to logout of Facebook before you go. That way you may be able to go to a public library and login to your account and play your games. Or you could buy an iPhone/iPad.

  • Or iPod Touch -- a cheaper option! But it does require that you find a wifi hotspot. Though I'm not sure that's what I'd want to be doing while on vacation!

  • I use an ipod at home and love it for Scrabble.

    Re: forfeit ...for me, after a certain amount of time (which you set in settings) a nudge icon pops up. After 24 hours or so, the "force forfeit" appears. This has happened consistently for me.

  • I was having a very competitive match with a lady I hadn't played before, and while the game was neck and neck, she was always near, taking her turn in timely fashion. Once I pulled ahead of her by 50 points (which is not much), she disappeared. Now I have to nudge twice (which takes 2 days) befoe she'll play on the third day. This should last at least another week. Part of me knows this is a small thing...but the other part of me is imagining various types of sadistic revenge. I think that's bad... Is that bad? ;)

  • Ha! Keep nudging...and let it play out!

    For me, Il ike to get the loss over with...and go on!

  • It's a pretty poor sportsman-like thing to do. I was really respecting this lady's skills and thought we'd I want to say some pretty ugly things to her. My emotions are being tossed to and fro...sigh.

  • Scrabble is such a brutal sport...

  • Thanks for the reply. I don't want to bring my gadgets on vacation but my iTouch is the lesser of 2 necessary evils (MacBook vs iTouch). I've gotten so frustrated in the past that I've posted some fairly nasty comments. Although it felt good at the time, my posts made the situation worse because the offenders took even longer to put down their tiles. Some, though not all, people really suck.

  • Agree. It's best to take the high road!

  • I have been playing in scrabble and I won the first game then, my opponent rematched me and now she has not been on the game for weeks. Her status shows online. I sent a nudge 3 days ago and now I have a force forfeit on my name. What the heck is that all about. I am a timely player. I am not a good player but I play with respect of others. this stinks.

  • I'm stuck in Scrabble purgatory myself...I'm playing a woman who started out taking a day to make each move. Now that we're close to the end...and she's losing big time..she's taking close to 3 days per, it's over 3 days per turn! I nudge her...I choose "force forfeit"...and yet...nothing ever happens...even more than a day after I've tried for force her to forfeit...

    the game continues to drag on. It's down to the very last move now...and it appears she's trying to forestall her defeat as long as possible. It's rude, but it doesn't appear as if there's anything that I can do about it. Jenny Ketcham, I would love to play you...but I can't figure out how to invite you. It looks like Scrabble only allows me to invite friends. Y'all take care...

  • What happens when people who are losing to you forfeit? What happens to your ratings? I find that when your opponent starts to lose, they lose interest and either forfeit or you end up forcing a forfeit for them...just wondering what happens to my rating when that happens.

  • When your opponent forfeits, then you are credited with the win. Thus, your rating goes up. If you forfeit, then you are credited with a loss, and your rating is lowered.

  • @Joseph Johnson "When your opponent forfeits, then you are credited with the win. Thus, your rating goes up. If you forfeit, then you are credited with a loss, and your rating is lowered."

    I don't know if your answer is correct as to rating points when an opponent (who is losing to you) forfeits. I've observed that I gain ZERO points when my opponent forfeits whether their own ELO rating is higher or lower than me. So maybe my forfeiting opponents register a loss in their ratings (that doesn't show on my screen), but it surely doesn't register a WIN in my own rating. In other words, I played for nothing and the game was a waste of time.

    I really cannot understand how ratings are calculated. There have been many occasions when I gained ZERO even if I won the game thru the end. I have had many abandoned games where I was winning and after hundreds of days trying to force forfet, the system finally reacts and wipes those forfeited games off my roster of games with no gain reigistering in my ELO rating. The rating is the only challenge in online scrabble since players use all sorts of dictionaries and. therefore, all things being equal, each player has equal advantage. The only other factor that makes the game challenging is that you still do strategize and not just use whatever word your source feeds you and you use your own other bag of clever tricks The 3rd factor is LUCK -- but there's nothing you can do about that. If you're getting bad tiles even though you played your usual winning strategy, that's it. But what I really want to know is how my ratings are calculated. I took notes for 2 weeks watching every point that gets added or deducted to my rating and the opponent that caused the change and then compared the points earned or lost with similarly rated opponents in previous games and NOTHING MAKES SENSE.

  • How do you score a force forfet? When an opponent forfeits and I am winning, I do not gain any score or rating. That seems unfair. Forfeits should be prohibited and if a player just leaves the game, the player who is winning should get a score. This is just a mean thing to do on the part of the opponent. The rule says the opponent who forfeits loses -- does that mean her ratings get a deduction for the loss? What about the winning partner?

  • I have been playing Scrabble for about 11 months now. Usually, I have several games playing simultaneously - an average of 15. Recently, I have decided to complete all outstanding games before initiating a new one. These games are outstanding because I am awaiting for my opponents to play. Active games were now reduced to 6. Then yesterday suddenly, I saw several incomplete games (about 20) that had disappeared as far back as 7 months ago, reappearing. I was shocked! Some of these games are over 200 days without a play from my opponents. I have sent several encouraging, pleasant, respectful chat messages but still no response. I have never seen a NUDGE button on my panel of tools. Has anyone had such an experience? Do you know of a solution?

  • Just letting my audience know - found fixed for problem based on other persons suggestions. Download the free version and was now able to Nudge opponents. Awaiting their responses.

  • I was somehow tricked into playing a game with a random opponent (I think this happened on my Nexus). So after seeing her opening play, and wanting to be a good sport, I went ahead and played. We continued, and I was doing well, but after a week or so I had to depart for my five-day vacation - a camping trip in Canada which is far from any internet or cellphone connection. I explained my situation using chat.

    Well, upon returning I see that somehow I have LOST the game, 376 to 210. I have 376 and my opponent has 210. The Moves List says I forfeited. I wanted to finish the game! I did not agree to forfeit at all. This seems like a really stupid software bug. I was away for less than five days, and I explained ahead of time that this would happen. What should I have done differently?

  • @Mike Miles. That happened to me too, and I was gone only 2 days. But no one has answered my original question, which is that I don't gain any rating points when my losing opponent forfeits. So basically I played for nothing. However, when I'm the one who forfeits (which I only did to test the system), my ratings went down. This tells me that you can play nasty by forfeiting when you're losing so that your opponent doesn't gain rating points. It seems that the system is encouraging players to play dirty.

  • Yes it seems to me if someone forfeits then they lose, and the other person wins.

    My situation was different. I was way ahead, 376 to 210. I was very likely going to win; there were only a few tiles left. Apparently, just because I was out of town, either my losing opponent or the software created a forfeit "by" me, in my absence. I had nothing to do with that, and wanted to finish the game when I returned. But when I returned I found that I "lost" even though, as a practical matter, I was almost certainly going to win by a very good margin, and fully intended to complete the game. Who created that forfeit, and why?

    Are we required to play a turn every day? If I go on vacation, are all my active games technically forfeited?

  • Is there any way to undo a forfeit ? I also noticed above you guys mentioned to log out when on vacation so it doesn't automatically forfeit you. Does that mean just closing app on phone or literally logging out on phone ? Thanks

  • This has now happened to me twice. The game was nearing an end. I was way ahead with only 3 tiles remaining on both sides. My opponent Forfeited voluntarily. I was under the impression that meant a win for me. However, I was awarded no further points. Can someone explain the rules in the event that an opponent forfeits

  • So if my opponent forfeits no points are added to my profile. No win. So it's an easy way out if your about to loose. Not fair. If this is the way this works it's not fair. Winner should be rewarded a win. Can someone expound.

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