Substitute for ClearJel?

  • Hello,

    I couldn't find Clear-Jel at the grocery store and I am making apple pie filling to can.....It says it is a starch used for preserving. Can I substitute gelatine or corn starch?

    Thanks :)

    Happy Canning!

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  • Thank you Ang!

  • If you live near an Amish or Mennonite community they often sell it in their country stores.

  • Yes, Deanna, any bulk store should carry it...not Sam's or an Amish as Judith said. I have a bunch of towns north of me here in Eastern Ohio that have Bulk Stores. I am going to have one open up in a town just a few miles from me. I hope it is fairly priced and has nice products! ;)

  • Do you ladies think Winco might have the Clear-Jel?

  • Cindy, I'm not familiar with Winco but I rather doubt they will have it. I can tell you I receive my shipment rather speedily when I order from Barry Farms. ;)

  • You can also find it at

  • What about Arrowroot? I made my apple pie filling w/ thickener and am just going to add it before cooking as suggested. I didnt have time to wait for it to be shipped and didnt want my apples going bad.