Substitute for ClearJel?

  • Hello,

    I couldn't find Clear-Jel at the grocery store and I am making apple pie filling to can.....It says it is a starch used for preserving. Can I substitute gelatine or corn starch?

    Thanks :)

    Happy Canning!

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  • Thank you Ang!

  • If you live near an Amish or Mennonite community they often sell it in their country stores.

  • Yes, Deanna, any bulk store should carry it...not Sam's or an Amish as Judith said. I have a bunch of towns north of me here in Eastern Ohio that have Bulk Stores. I am going to have one open up in a town just a few miles from me. I hope it is fairly priced and has nice products! ;)

  • Do you ladies think Winco might have the Clear-Jel?

  • Cindy, I'm not familiar with Winco but I rather doubt they will have it. I can tell you I receive my shipment rather speedily when I order from Barry Farms. ;)

  • You can also find it at

  • What about Arrowroot? I made my apple pie filling w/ thickener and am just going to add it before cooking as suggested. I didnt have time to wait for it to be shipped and didnt want my apples going bad.

  • Hi there, our Winco in Northern California does carry the liquid pectin if that is what you are looking for. Also, you can substitute powdered pectin for liquid depending on what you are making. I do it all the time when I make cranana jam. Please see here for the difference between powdered and liquid pectin. I'm not saying it would work on everything, just refuting the notion that it is impossible, as you see all over the internet. The cranana jam comes out fine. I use 1 box of pectin instead of 3 oz. of gel. I do think that paticular recipe could use a reduction in sugar (too sweet) but everyone else said it was good as is. I hope that helps :D