Oasis of the Seas Restaurant/Eating Places Service Charges

  • This is for those who have cruised on the Oasis of the Seas or know first hand what the charges will be in the eating palces. We are going on the Oasis in a few weeks and I would like to know which restaurants/eating places require a gratuity/service charge/fee to eat there. I know the main dining room and the Windjammer is always free and that Portofino and Chops always require a fee of , what? $35. and that Johnny Rockets has a fee of $3.95, or is it $4.95 per person per visit.

    But I know Oasis has some other eating places and just want a heads up on what the places are and what the fee per person is. A listing would be nice for me and others.

    And feel free to add what type food it has, how crowded it was, and your opinion of whether its worth the fee. Thanks.

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  • Hi Ed. Here are the prices for the specialty restaurants.

    150 Centra Park 35

    Chops 25

    Giovanni's 15 (lunch 10)

    Izumi (a la carte)

    Vintages (a la carte)

    Solarium Bistro 20

    Seafood Shack 8.95

    Johnny Rockets 4.95

    Chef's Table (Concierge Club) 75/person

    Ice Cream Parlor and Cupcake Cupboard (a la carte)

    I could not book decent hours (7 - 9 pm) on 150 Central Park two months before we sailed. Yes you can find 6 pm or 9:30 pm.

    Solarium Bistro was really nice and elegant at night except the maitre d allowed an unruly kid with his parents in and that ruined any elegance we had for that evening. He said he was allowed to do that even though the Diamond Concierge said he did not think so. Diamond and above have a special place for breakfast and they had great food and service.

  • Great post Robert - Your info is a "cut & paste" for when I sail on the Oasis next year. Thanks.

  • Thanks very much Robert. I think we'll for sure do the Sea Food Shak and the coupon booklet usually has one for a free visit to Johnny Rockets.

    I hope they post the restaurants and fees for them in the Cruise Compass. I'll be sure to take a copy of this with us. We'll see which others we want to do.

  • Hi Ed: I am booked on Oasis for March 19th. I already booked 4 restaurants and found that one was already booked for the time slot I wanted!!! Not a big deal, got in within a half hour of where I wanted to be, but nearly 5 months away? I was kind of surprised that I was able to book that far in advance..but hey...they have my money!

    I hope you've made reservations for the shows, those can be booked 2 months out and I'll be prime times are history...check it out soon if you haven't already!

    PS: when you book the restaurants, they of course tell you how much per person.

  • @Deby: we booked all of our shows already and I don't think I'll worry about booking reservations in eating places. My experience is the main dining room and Windjammer have about all I need. Not into a lot of hassles to eat fancy. I'm not gonna go on the ship and try to eat at all of the restaurants.

    Thanks for your input also.

  • Thats great Ed...I've mark my calendar for the day to book our show reservations. Hey...two things...after your cruise I'll remember to ask you about whether or not you saw anyone carrying on all the luggage through security and approx size of luggage. AND...if you happen to pass through the casino, take a note of how many craps tables are there. Freedom & Liberty only have one table each...stinks when its crowded, but house odds are least favorable so I'm sure they like to cut their loses. I am assuming that with a larger ship/larger casino they might have 2 tables....thanks!!!

  • $75 per person to eat at the Chef's Table???? What is on the menu?

  • You get a five couse meal, each course presented by the Chef and paired with a wine selection. It is an exclusive table for fourteen diners. At the end you get an autographed cookbook and a chefs table apron. Only way to reserve ahead of time is to email RCCL, cannot be reserved with the other specialty restaurants as it is so limited in availability.It is quite an experience, worth the $150.00 per couple, it takes almost two and one half hours to dine.

  • @Ed. Hi Ed, I have a chart with all the dining venues and prices for the Oasis. I could scan it and e-mail it to you.

  • ok everyone just came off the oasis on the 9th there are 2 craps tables, the susii was great had it for lunch at 4:95 each had 2 , also the park cafe in central park lunch isf ree pann,i salads make your own other sandwiches eat out side or in nice, cupcakes were 2:50 each but u could sign up for a class and get to take home 2-3 cupcakes.

  • Ed and Dennis, while on this topic of eating places on the Oasis, one experience that I think greatly influenced our lasting impressions of the ship started at boarding. Many who have cruised RCI before start enjoying the realization that they are indeed starting another cruise by heading to the Windjammer for the welcome aboard buffet, finally relaxed and raring to go. We did on the Oasis and immediately got a bit shocked that I might have to "wrestle someone to the floor" to get a table. It was not something we expected and was immediately a negative experience for us. We did not know there were other options available. The Windjammer on the Oasis is probably the worst of any RCI ship that you will experience. It is too small for the crowd and for our cruise, the food and service was nothing to brag about. Many like us, did not know there were other options on this first day onboard. You can get a similar welcome aboard buffet at the Solarium Bistro, which we would have picked had we known that, because it actually had better ambiance than the Windjammer. The solarium in the Oasis is superb. There is also the Park Cafe with great New York deli stuff on Central Park and a few others in the Promenade and Boardwalk. Again, we did not know so we did "battle" with the crowd on the Windjammer and it was not a good start and left negative impressions throughout the cruise. So be aware when you come onboard. Enjoy your cruises.

  • @Mary...Thanks for the info regarding the craps tables...my husband will be delighted!

    @Robert...Thanks for the info on the Oasis! It is unfortunate that the ship doesn't give this info out regarding the lunch options upon boarding...or maybe they do, but so many are just programmed to herd up to the Windjammer for that first meal. I totally agree about the unpleasant chaos that surrounds the Windjammer especially on the first day. If everyone spread out to the other venues there wouldn't be a crowd in the windjammer.

  • @Joe: I guess its the "old" and frugal in me that says no way in hell i'm gonna spend $150 for a meal on ship, or most anywhere else either. I can see me going to my local grocery store and getting a whole beef fillet unsliced and grilling it the way I like it and making my own salad, and opening a bottle of my Merlow and enjoying all of that for less than $100, and having some left over ....LOL. And then I gotta eat with 12 other folks I don't know; they could be rich slobs ...LOL ... and I paid $75 to eat with them. I'll just pass on that and wait for an opportunity to have a table for two with my wife and we can sit and talk, or be as quiet as we want to be.

    I am going to print this whole discussion thread and take it with me ... thanks all!!

  • Hi Ed, Ummm I think I could bring over something to go with the steaks and a dessert! Maybe some homemade wine! LOL

  • Oh No David - you gave up my secret I have kept for many years - Just kidding. When the Voyager/Freedom class ships started sailing, after boarding, I would always go directly to the Promenade deck and have a pizza and a beer. There were very few people there and it was just enough to tie me over to the MDR meal.

    For Ed - I totally agree. I would have a hard time spending that much $$$ for a meal. You can only do so much to a steak & potato - on my next cruise (December) I do plan to have a meal at Chops - My TA gave me a coupon, so I thought I would check it out.

  • @Robert, I agree with you 100%, the WJ on Oasis is so chaotic I couldn't believe it! It's something you have to see for yourself. That was the worst part of the day for us ...going to the WJ for breakfast and lunch. We could have gone to the MDR, but we prefer the varity offered in the WJ. With so many passengers, I don't think there is an alternative method... they use " stations" and eveyone is swarming around like bees after honey. I did write on my survey that I thought they should have time slots for breakfast and lunch as they do for the MDR. At least that would decrease the size of the crowd at each meal. I have said this before in previous posts... The Oasis is amazing, and everyone should try it at least once, after that...you decide. I found that there wasn't enough time to go to the specialty restaurants and not miss something else that was taking place. I had a reservation for Portifino's but ended up cancelling, since it was on formal night...didn't want to miss the lobster! LOL. You actually need 2 weeks on this ship to do and see everything it has to offer.

  • @ Dennis, when you board the Oasis the first time, you will enter on the Promenade. Take a quick left and there will be Sorrentos ready for your beer and pizza. I think the pizza at Sorrentos is much better than at the WJ, you can make your own.

    @ Phyllis, yes lunch was not a particularly pleasant effort regardless of where you went, WJ, Park Cafe, Solarium, the burger joint at the sports deck, unless of course you go to lunch after 3:00 pm. We found Sorrentos and Promenade Cafe relatively less crowded. Even Rockets and Seafood Shack seemed crowded and they were not free. The Park Cafe serves wonderful stuff but it gets too crowded, people get rude, and the service goes down accordingly. The inside area is so small a hefty person has a difficult time walking between tables and chairs. I think your suggestion to have time slots for lunch at the WJ deserve serious thought.

    @Ed, the Diamond/D-Plus coupon book for Johnny Rockets consists of buy one get one free milkshake. Food and service in the MDR was excellent. As always we had a great waiter. It was a stark contrast to our cabin attendant who we thought would rank last on any cruise we have had in twelve years. She did not even service our room on the last night after tips were given out. Really, I think the crew is simply overworked.

    Talking about Diamond perks, the Diamond Lounge on the Oasis is beautiful and nicely located on Deck 6 looking out on the Promenade. It was empty most of the time we sailed. Nothing happened there. You can find the D-Conciege there a couple of hours in the morning and that's really it. The happy hour was always held at Blaze on Deck 4, a somewhat "ugh" looking lounge. The D-Concierge said the number of members would not fit in the Diamond Lounge during happy hour. I thought it was bigger than the Blaze and we never experienced that much of a crowd either. Experience wise, we found the service in Blaze during the Diamond/Plus happy hour simply not up to par with past experiences in other RCI ships.

    One positive thing coming out of all these, wife and I did not gain but a couple of pounds for that seven day cruise. Cheers!

  • Thanks very much

  • @Robert (and anybody else out there who knows the answer!) I've read in a few different places different information and I can't seem to find the most up-to-date info... I also realize it's slightly different on different classes of ships so that confuses me too!!!

    Anyways, the question is what does the Diamond level "Happy Hour" entail? I've read some places that it is free drinks (of any sort); other places I've read that it is free wine & champagne, and 25% off beer & soda; I just can't keep track!

    Also... I just want to make sure everyone knows that it doesn't really make too much of a difference to me (haha imagine if this would make or break me going on a cruise!). I am dying to go on the Oasis, but my hubby isn't sold and so I'm building an argument that will convince him, and this happy hour thingie will definitely be part of it! haha ;)

    Thanks in advance!!!

  • Jessica, since your interest is Oasis, I'll describe to you their Diamond level Happy Hour venue. Officially in writing on brochures and websites, it is free wine & champagne, and 25% off beer and soda as you wrote above. What is actually being done we have found different from ship to ship and I don't know who has the authority to change it. On the Oasis in May this year, Blaze lounge was used for this purpose. They set up the beers and liquor they will give guests free on the bar. You just pick from them. The wine they had their "house wines". I don't know about the soda since we never ordered any but I think they are also free. My wife and I like Amstel Light for beer and it was NOT one of those arrayed on the bar. Some nights we got Amstel Light (free), other nights we did not, depending on the waiter. In addition, they had finger food which were fine. Happy hour started I believe at 5:30 and ended at 8:30. Good luck to you. The Oasis is a marvel of a ship.

  • The Diamond happy hours are different on ships depending upon the type ship. Its explained on the RC web site but not very well. What you get on Oasis and freedom Class ships is a full bar with all drinks included. But on other ships where they do not have space (that's what they gave as the reason) the Diamond lounge happy hour is held in a different place and includes only wine and champagne as free and 25% off on other drinks. When we were on the Liberty last Nov they had a full bar and hot and cold things to munch on. Then this past June we were on the Enchantment and they had the bar set up in a lounge area, not the Concierge lounge, and had the wine and champagne only, plus some eats.

    So it's not random of hap-hazard, it's based on the type ship.

  • Thanks, guys!! Not to make my husband sound like a booze hound, but this will definitely sweeten the deal for him hahaha. I would love to go on the Oasis... I have watched almost all the videos available on their website and it's safe to say I'm (more than a little) obsessed with it!!! Thanks again!

  • Well Jesse, we're going on the Oasis is a couple weeks so after then I'll tell you how it was.

  • I gotta remember to print this for next week

  • Tic....tic...tic....counting down, but we have to wait an extra hour!!! Darn DST!!!

  • Have a great cruise on the Oasis, Ed and Miriam. I'm looking forward to your experienced opinions on the mega ships and this new way of cruising. Good weather and good cheers to you!

  • Thank you Robert for your good wishes! I'm sure we will enjoy it all and we'll talk about our experience on our return!! Now......back to packing!!

    "May our skies always be clear and our waters calm"!!!! and if not??......we'll still have fun!!