Is this site legit?


    I had to enter my employment ID and i was provided with password, i had to change my profile details also, so i just wanted to know is that site legit?


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  • Maybe your problem is the computer you are using. If it a company site/computer, they may have restrictions on the sites you can use.

    This is the official facebook website, available to anyone who has access to Facebook.

  • What is interesting is when you click on the link it opens to what "Appears" to be a RCCL site. When you copy & pate the url you posted into a google search it has only a porn search listed? When you copy & paste this in it takes you to a administrator log in site for moodle. I also tried doing a google search on RCCL's culinary school but nothing that led back to a RCCL website. Very interesting indeed. Until you get some more definitive information from someone more in the know @ Royal Caribbean I would not share any personal data on that site just to be safe.

    Good luck & happy cooking!

  • "When you copy & paste this in it takes you to a administrator log in site for moodle."

    I got mail from, providing me with password, and login is my employment id, when i entered the site, there is like an intro of what is expecting us as a new workers onboard.

    Its late, i already entered my imployment id, so i would like someone from RCCL to check this site as soon as posible.

    I could not find any other contact for rccl other that this, do someone have some mail adres i could write to?


  • This all sounds like a scam or phising site to me. I would NEVER click on a link like this that anyone give me.

    My advice to other is DO NOT click on it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, it looks like scam to me also, but is there ANYONE from RCCL that can provide me with some official information?

  • Its not clear from what you have posted exactly what it is you are looking for. You need to explain what you are trying to find or do and then maybe some of us can steer you in the right direction or give you a link that works.

  • Or actually ring RCCL and speak to someone in personnel.

  • Ok, lets clarify.

    I want to know is that site, that we are talking about, made by rccl, or some scamers.

    I just need official info from someone who works for rccl, and who is like web developer, or someone from the management ...

    I have sent them mail, but i did not get any answer yet. Calling someone is good idea, but it would cost me too much, so i will wait to see can someone provide me with answer by mail, or via this facebook group.

    Thanks for your effort.

  • As you may know, this is a discussion board (mostly passengers, etc), NOT an official RCI employee/personnel page. RCI personnel may see your question, but probably not. Suggest you try an official employee website.

  • Well said A Richard Johnson jr

  • I tried, but still no answer. I thought that someone from rccl made this page though.

    Ok, at least i know where not to look for answer :)


  • It is a real website, it is given to us onboard so we can complete some of the basic training before coming back from vacation. This way you safe time (and sleeping hours) once you are back onboard.

  • Tu id es el ID es tu id de empleado y el password es welcome1