Cut backs to Diamond and Diamond plus members

  • we have just come back from a 2 week cruise on the Oasis and were dissapointed we got no little gifts at the end of our cruise as my daughter is platinum and she received her gifts, the ship is fantastic , but cut backs in the windjammer selection of food ie omelettes and fried eggs made in advanced were like rubber and u had to keep searching for salad dishes as they were scattered all around the dining room. Balcony rooms were much smaller than other RCI ships two people could not pass between the end of the bed and wall. A lady with a disability told us she was so disappointed with the disable facilities. The pools were like a pot of soup there were so many people in them. Sunbeds are so close together and tied together with rope so you have to crawl up and down them.

    The Aqua theatre was fab but in daytime you melted under the hot sun or you got rain soaked . The shows were fab but we thought it would be like other RC ships where u walked into a different show every night and we had no bookings for our first week (Disaster) as the same shows are on almost every day and night. However we enjoyed our holidays but just be warned

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  • RC announced those benefits cutback last year. We are Diamond members and getting close to Diamond plus. We just did a cruise in June and got the coupon booklet that didn't have very good benefits. But then they gave us another coupon page that had 30 minutes free internet service AND another coupon for 20% off any internet package. It also had a coupon for a discount on laundry and a coupon for a free photo. We used all of those.

    They stopped leaving chocolates a while back and also stopped leaving gifts. We did get a plate of chocolate covered strawberries one evening. I really don't miss the things they stopped; I usually didn't eat the chocolate anyway. I brought a bunch of it home and ate it months alter. Most of the gifts were not that exciting to me; I have a bunch of key chains and bags, and picture frames that I don't use.

    The main thing that they do still have, and we use, is the free wine and champagne from 5 to 7 PM in one of the lounges. With that we rarely buy any drinks on ship. And even if you do buy while in that venue there is a 25% discount.

  • we got the coupons too and chocolates on our pillow, as did my daughter, we don't use the gifts we always give them away but it's nce to get them. The free bar is from 5.30 to 8 30 on the Oasis but as we are not early drinkers so we missed out.

    We got one cocktail reception that was held in the theater as there is not a venue big enough to hold over 1000 Diamond members that were on the ship. don't get me wrong we loved our holiday but i just want people who are going to pay thousands to be aware of the changes

  • I agree with what you are suggesting Catherine - Like Ed, I will reach D+ on my next cruise. What was interesting, on my last cruise in March, RCCL combined the D and D+ coupon book into one. I thought they would have a "little" extra for the D+ members. I have booked the Oasis for an August 2011 sailing. I sure hope they correct some of the problem areas you mention. As I mentioned on a prior post, I really dislike standing room only Diamond member cocktail hour. On the last several cruises, I would check to see how large the crowd was - they were always packed. As a suggestion to RCCL - why not give the D/D+ members free drinks at any of the bars during the same time frame? Our sea pass clearly states who we are.

  • Good idea Dennis !!!

  • Did I understand that they have pre-made omelets in The Windjammer?

    After my first Celebrity Cruise, I think that I am going to jump ship on RCCL!

  • On our last RC cruise they had omelets to order AND some pre-made with ham and cheese if you did not want to wait for an omelet to be prepared to your specifications.

    WE cruised on Celebrity Solstice this past April and its buffet area was definitely a better place than the Windjammer. However, not all Windjammers are the same; some have much more variety, depending upon the ship.

  • Thanks! I have to have my made to order egg white omelets!

  • been on almost all RCI ships and the windjammer in the Oasis is the first one that has no made to order fried eggs and omelets or made to order pasta but u can buy fresh orange juice and maybe there's some in the many specialty restaurants

  • I canceled ny Dec. cruise on Oasis because I felt that it was too large for me to enjoy it. I am not good with lines and a crowd.

  • You might be right Delores, but I think I will stay with my booking on the Oasis (August 2011) just to see for myself. Reading all the postings on the subject, half seem to have really enjoyed the cruise and the other half had the same problem(s) as you suggest. I still have a bunch of time to think about it.

  • I am going to keep mine also. I got it at a great price before the fare hikes. I'll see if the ship is too much. My preference is the Radiance class ship anyway.

  • While the Oasis looks like a fantastic ship with All the bells & whistles I can totally understand Why they went to pre-made omelets/eggs as it would take FOREVER to custom order eggs for ALL that want them (3-5 thousand possibly) on any morning. There is no way the cooking staff could pull that off daily successfully-just saying.

    As to the other little perks, not too big a loss although I really would like the chocolates on the pillows-do they do that on Rhapsody by any chance?

  • Dennis, I love your idea about free drinks at any bar during those hours...........LOL But then who would you tip??? LOL

    I love the fresh made fried egg and/or omelette bar. I never eat those pre-cooked scrambled eggs.

  • Dennis, I love your idea, as well. Cruisers should be rewarded for their loyalty.

    You should get free drinks at that level.

  • For Chuck - The last time I was on the Rhapsody - you did receive a chocolate delight on the pillow. My last couple of cruises on the Voyager (latest March 2010), they did not.

    Fresh made omelets/eggs - I'm a true believer you should always have the option to have the choice to have your breakfast the way you would like it. I really do not know why RCCL only has one "fresh" omelet station. They should create multiple locations (away from the buffet line) dedicated to making the breakfast you want. It might be just me - but I really like a freshly cooked breakfast vs. on the buffet table.

    Free Drinks: I would trade in the "valuable" Diamond coupon book for just a discount on the drinks they serve on board. I'm a beer drinker (always with live music - which RCCL does a great job) to have a happy hour at any pub/watering hole for an hour or so a day. As far as tips - I'm not shy, I always tip very well (I know they add 15%) but, for me, I will usually give the bartender 5 or more bucks every other night. It does wonders on the next time you visit - Your drink is ready for you before you sit down. Worth the extra.

  • Dennis, thanks for the Rhapsody info

    I hear ya on the omelet station, sounds like a great idea to me. On Rhapsody what kinds of meat do they offer for the omelets? I eat very little bacon & less sausage. Do they have turkey? As far as drinks go-I don't so not a issue with me or my wife. How much do they charge for a beer anyways? I like Leinenkugel,Summitt or Sam Adams & usually only drink non alcoholic margarita's/Daiquiris (mom was a alcoholic)

    Looking very much forward to our cruise-65 days & counting :)