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  • how do i add tribe members on feint???

  • Just add friends

  • Hi,

    My little raccoon quest says "Complete the Healing Collection." How do I get the healing collection?

    I healed my Raccoon and now I cant find it on the map.

    Please help.

  • Pandu, you can go to you're friends and collect theire horse and racoon. But you're racoon must be somewhere on you're island

  • I have a couple questions i would appreciate help with.

    1. When I go to Menu - "E" (for events), mine constantly says "No Events"

    2. I have the "Wait for airplane to come rescue you" goal with Hint:q_QestIconWait_01_hint below it. What am I supposed to do?

    Thank you,


  • Hello All!

    I just started playing a couple of days ago and have a couple of questions that I hope someone can help me with.

    1. I have friended people on Feint, but have no idea on how to visit their farms? It says go to the Friends screen - but I can't find any friends screen in the game?

    2. I have a Snake that is under a palm tree that I can't get to so that I can scare him off - it keeps telling me to get an axe, when all I want to do is scare the snake away but it won't let me get to it.

    Any advice?


  • Madeleine,

    1. If you go to the menu, then the picture of the two people, that will take you to your friends list. If no one shows up, you may have to connect to feint or facebook which you can do from there. If no one still shows up, you may have to wait for your friends to accept your request.

    2. If you tap the little red bar that says 3/3, you will be able to shoo him away also. You don't have to actually see the snack. You will have to do it 3 times and make sure you have enough energy.


  • Thank you so much Rhonda! You just saved me soooo much frustration!

  • no problem

  • Help! Can anyone tell me where I can get the medicinal herbs I need to make Steves Medicine. Thanks.

  • every time i start to pic the lock of the safe the game crashes (iPhone 3GS iOS 5.1)

    can someone help?

  • I can't harvest on my neighbours island's !Please fix the bug!!! URGENT!!!!!!!!

  • Hey there, i got a horrible problem.

    I am on the quest " begin to build the Labor" ..

    Hmm now i got a lab on maximum level and two labs on first level.

    But the quest will not be finish.. what is my problem?

    Thanks for help

  • I have the same problem as rhonda, Just the plane with the hint underneath, What do we do now?

  • are there going to be any new updates soon.

  • Does anyone have a problem with either their tokens or healing their raccoon? I have 46 tokens missing and my raccoon won't heal.

    1 - I bought the water troughs for one token each and five tokens were taken each time (this equals twenty missing tokens)

    2 - I turned on my game at one point and an additional 20 tokens were missing again (now forty tokens are missing.)

    3 - My raccoon only has lemon segments left of all the items. FB lemon segments rewards would not show up. I decided to heal the raccoon with two tokens when two segments were remaining (one segment of three was listed from either my island or Feint) and the raccoon did not heal and the listed segment disappeared. I healed for all three missing segments with three tokens using the heal button, and the raccoon did not heal. I tried using just one token using the "1 for 1" button and the lemon segment would not list. New lemon segment rewards from lemon trees also would not show up - I definitely got one from my island. (Now six more tokens missing for a total of 46.)

    Can anyone help me, or direct me to internal support? I do not know how to reach them, and hopefully that will help! Thank you.

  • Sue, when you got the lemon segments, did you turn in the lemon collection by chance? Healing the raccoon is a little different than other quests, if you turn in a collection you will get credit for most pieces on a normal quest, but on the healing you need X amount of the items, and if you turn in the lemon collection then each time it will take away one of the lemon segments on your list.

  • Anyone?

    I have a couple questions i would appreciate help with.

    1. When I go to Menu - "E" (for events), mine constantly says "No Events"

    2. I have the "Wait for airplane to come rescue you" goal with Hint:q_QestIconWait_01_hint below it. What am I supposed to do?

    Thank you,


  • Lynda - From memory the herbs can be found in the cauldron :)

  • Brad, On the lemon collections, I have exchanged the collections for rewards when they show up. But why wouldn't the raccoon heal when I used tokens instead of items?

  • How does everyone get the 40 Friend of Animal items and the 40 Ostrich Hackles, without spending money? Or is spending money the only way to do it? They are just so many!

  • Adding friends in Feint

    Naomi, if you haven't figured out how to add friends in Feint (when you don't know anyone,) here is how: Open up feint, choose one of the people/pictures shown, click on their games to see if they play Robinson, if they do, go back and click the orange add friend button. If not, go back and click on a different picture. Then *I* find someone on their friend's list (someone else might do it differently,) who plays Robinson and who doesn't play too many games (there's less too scroll thru,) and click on their friends, and keep going - check games, if play Robinson, add friend, go back, check out another friend. When you run out of friends, go check out someone else's friends. Then you wait. You wait for all the people you "added" to see your request and agree to add you. Your new friends will trickle in. If you want 20 friends in the next day or two, I'd add 30 or more. I also like the names that are unique or are regular names. The ones that are just numbers, I can never remember if I like their island. Good luck.

  • Thanks for the update, i can harvest at friends places

    But one problem stil remains, there is still no hiding on my island, can anyone tell what can be found there?

  • Sue Cheetah,

    I bought the Hackles and received 4 of the Friend of Animal items as a reward for completing something else. Otherwise I don't know. I guess I'll end up buying those also. They sure aren't on my list to send as a gift to someone else.


  • Sue, the Raccoon healing quest needs those lemon segments to 'heal' the raccoon. When you have all the lemon items and turn in the lemon collection you lose a lemon segment each time.

    When you used your totems to complete the lemon segments part of the raccoon healing, what really happened was the game exchanged those totems for lemon segments, so if you then immediately turned in the lemon collection you would lose the things you just bought.

    In regards to Hackles and Friend of Animal badges (there are other similar items in later quests), you would need to ask (in game) Facebook friends (that also play Robinson) for the items, currently you can't ask open feint friends for those types of items. If you don't have or don't want to use FB friends, then you have to use Totems. You don't have to buy totems either, it will take a lot longer, but there are some ways to get Totems for free.

    Leveling up = 1 totem

    Completing the Butterfly Collection = 1 totem

    Completing the Giraffe Collection = 1 totem

    Getting 200 piece of totem (Tapjoy market) + 20 wooden blocks (workhouse) = 1 totem (at the Bungalow)

    Getting 3 or 65 Amulets and turning them in at the Bungalow = 2 or 50 totems respectively

    Lastly is the Friend Marathon Timed quest = up to 50 totems (this quest shows up about every 9 days)

  • Hi Robinson's,

    Ohh this is just making me crazy. Just updated the game to the latest IOS version. Everything was fine and the butterflies were finally included. So as a kind gesture to the developers i bought 30 totems from the store. And guess what?.. Right after that the game crashed and i can not get it to run any more. It starts up, runs for 2 seconds and then shuts its self down. Its so disappointing. Resetting the game or Ipad makes no difference.

    Please help!

  • Thanks for your help Minnie! :-)

  • I've got a new bug, plz help me!

    I chased tiger or Captain Rrrum, but when I feed animals or harvest or do smt, tiger or Captain Rrrum is still there.

    And I lost more energy to act. But at that place I couldn't find any tiger or Captain Rrrum.


  • I am interested to know if anyone has the same bug on their game as I have. It is on the fort island. I have steve, his medicine and the shovel but no suitcases to dig up. Instead i have a locked chest (like the one that was on tree isle). This chest says it is protected by a bear but there is no bear. i cant give steve his medicine as I cant complete his quest without digging the suitcase. I cant build steves bar. I am getting collection items of steves from my love trees etc. I emailed Support about this and got a couple of emails back from someone who I thought was going to be very helpful I sent them my android id as they requested so they could help my game from 'within'. This was a couple of weeks ago now and a few more emails on my part but none returned. Very disappointed as I had my hopes up that they were actually going to help. Anyway, anyone else got or had this problem???? I am on level 74 and have quite a few totems so am reluctant to start again :( No point carrying on with a game that cannot progress. Any info greatfully appreciated :) Gennady at Pixonic - I have emailed you about 8-10 times. Very disappointed. Also disappointed that you have removed my posts when I have a valid query. Shame on you!!!!

  • Tran, when you can't find a "hostile" but everything in an area is red, on my game I seem to have it right after I've come from visiting friends. I do a force close through my settings and it goes away. You can also power your phone down and turn back on. (I think of it like I caught a virus from a friend and brought it home and got sick.) I got it a lot before, but hardly at all now.

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