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  • The best way to get energy is to feed elephants. I have about 200 friends now and most have elephants. I always leave a couple of my elephants unfed so people can get energy when they need it. Each elephants gives 10 energy which is 50 per island. I usually have at least 2k energy to play with so I can focus on feeding giraffes for the chance for more tokens. Problem is I have 120 of my own giraffes and after 4 feeds I still haven't completed a collection. Oh well.

    Once you use the elephants you can stock pile food and then when you get low and have no more friend to visit you can buy the dinner from the store to get more energy. Hope that helps

  • I've been playing for about a week now and got up to level 24 or so. This morning I went to open Robinson and the start up message, "use wifi you need resources" message came upo. I haven't clicked it, I'm sure this means I have lost all progress in the game and will have to start again. I'm hoping someone will have an answer which will allow me to access previous game. I didn't backup.

  • Right im level 22 and am stiil on the first island have repaired the boat and i was waiting for the chest with timer so i could open it the next day i went to come and open it and it had changed into a promo chest so now i can not do the quest to go to other islands please help!

    Also the only other quest i have left is to wait for the airoplane to come so do i just need to wait for dat if so when does it come?

  • I'm level 71 and I'm still waiting for the plane to come, I don't think it will come untill the game is over.

  • Im at level 23 and i dont have pirate ship yet. Does anyone know how to get it?

  • How many other than me have a problem with the quest "Hope of rescue"? Of course I've already fixed the boat, and the next step of the quest is to "Open the chest with a timer", but when I do so, and I'm only able to open it in the weekends, it's only a blank piece of paper with "Open" written six times on it, and it drains my totems when i try to open it. First it's two, then four and so on. Does anybody know how to fix this, or can anybody tell me how I can contact Pixonic LLC?

    If anybody is able to help it'd be so great!

  • Thanks Ron so basically im just gonna have to wait for them to fix this chest thing i suppose

  • Still Cant get to storm Island IOS Player - Update now please

  • I am trying to buy an additional day to complete a failed task. I press the button to buy an additional day and it does nothing, i click it a million times, still nothing. I have enouh totems, anyone else have this issue?

  • Does anyone know how to get jackballs? I am on big bang theory quest 3 and it needs 9 jackballs. It is an item cannot be bought or ask friend. My jack the baby bird still not able to craft anything, is jackball can be crafted?

  • Jack balls are the parrot balloons

  • Thanks. There are other types of balloons but how to get them?

  • All the balloons can be crafted from the Improved Table (the Tent).

  • thank

  • Please help me. I have no Question now and Can't go to the storm Island. What can i do?

  • There is a snake behind my fruit trees, making them red. I cant drive it away because i cant see it, and i cant move the trees because they are red, so what to do?? I cant be the only one who had this problem, please help.

  • There is a red bar above the snake. Click the red bar & u will be able to drive it away.

  • Update now for iOS . Have notning to do wtf. Is happening?

  • How do i add people wih openfeint?

  • In openfeint, go to 1) 'forum & chart'...then 2) 'forum games'. 3) Look for people who writes about Robinson. 4) Click on the name then click 'add friend'. Repeat 3 & 4 till u think u have enough friends. U need to restart your game so that your new friends will appear in your 'friends' list.

  • i have the airplane statute... i dont know what to do now can somebody help me please?

  • Hi ,

    I am an android user of your game. But the link to openfeint doesnt work, I can only change my name, but not the photo or privaty settings .So I can´t add any friends. I red that this problem happens to a lot of german users, but none have an anwer to his problem.

    Do you now, how to repair this problem?

  • I am stuck on open chest too. Pixonic can you help us? I have waste my money on totens and now i need help. Please. Thnx.

  • There seems to be quite a few problems within the game...will they ever fix them?

    I too am having problems with the graphics on the open chest. I'm also having problems with the "find 5 smashed eggs from the vulture collection" in the collecting specimens quest. I keep chasing the vultures away, but only get broken eggs...not smashed eggs...and apparently they must be smashed, as the broken eggs don't count towards the total needed. Do you get the smashed eggs from something else other than chasing away vultures?

    I also had to buy my way out of the quest requiring " accepting invitations" as no matter how many I accepted, they never counted towards the total needed.

    I also need many other items to finish other quests, such as: collect 25 cipher notebooks, 40 friend of animals badges, 35 happy homewarming cards, 40 ostrich hackles, etc. I have clicked on the ask friend button, but it doesn't appear that anything happens. It asks if I want to connect to facebook, I click on yes, and then nothing happens...so not sure how ( other than by saving up totems ) how to get these items.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  • To Elena Wood.

    I had this same problem...it's because the people you added do not play Robinson. They may have at one time, but they probably deleted their accounts. I have 850 members, but only a few of them actually play. I can sit here all day and get that same message. Your best bet is to delete those "friends" that give you that message and then search other names ( looking in their "games played" section to see if they actually play.

    You can't get more energy to use on other people's islands. You only get 5 energy a day on each island.

  • Where do we go for customer support, I need help as I did not receive the totems I paid for?

  • Hi Terrie, are all your friends from openfeint? If yes, then u need to request to add friends from Facebook. So when u connect to Facebook those 'friends' from fb will then appear. Otherwise nothing happens when u connect to fb.

  • Don't receive my daily bonus's totems.

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