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  • Micah, i opened a new facebook account under a different email, just for Robinson as none of my FB friends played. I posted a Robinson pic as my profile and have gained about 60 FB requests for Robinson in about 5 days. If you go onto the 'add me' section of this page, plenty of FB players want to be added :). A seperate FB account for me means that none of my personal details are disclosed to people I don't know.

    Just installed a new update for the iPad and have noticed that there aren't as many pirates/ vultures etc chasing me, and fewer double headed goat appearances ( thank goodness!!). I also have the chest to open in a day or so with a quest or whatever it is.

  • How can I find powder ?

  • I use to like this game but not getting my daily totems, can't upgrade huts so stuck on the same quests have been for weeks, exchange the sheep 3 times just not working?? how do i collect orstrich hackles and friend of animals??? The plane has still not come??? This game is getting a joke now and seriously going to delete it as its annoying me!!!

  • It is about time that the new update finally got here but what a waste of time and totems the chest is!!!

    It says out of the 6 you get 4 with items in but I just spent the best part of 60 totems to get 2 items which were 5000 coins and 100 experience.

    Sort it out and give me my totems back !!!

  • Anyone else having issues with help requests not showing up on the events page. Both my wife and I have sent each other numerous help requests and none of them have shown up on the events page even after connecting to facebook. As far as I can tell this issue started around the time the promo chest activated this weekend.

  • Zenia, I've bought that too and really pissed off when I discovered that I only received 3 sets of collections. Tiger, watermelon & fish collections...that's all!!! The stupid msg said 'u will find so many useful things inside' what so useful? For 30 amulets? It's not worth.

  • Sorry guys, I forgot to mention its the Blue Box in the bungalow. 30 amulets to trade for a blue box.

  • Maybe I'm missing something but I cannot figure out how to make a fire cracker or something to have Dr Ross scare away the crocodile. I swear I had seen it in he past but I have gone to every building that allows you to make items and cannot find it. Please help

  • Ever since the new update with the treasure chest, everytime I try to harvest, feed or do any tasks and select more than one at a time, it freezes. How can I fix that??

    Also was moving stuff and accidently hit the button to sell my Festive table RIGHT AFTER I spent 55 totems to finish the dang table, now have to upgrade it again. Is there a way to fix that also, where you have to confirm the selling, at least of the important items?

  • Oh and only see MAX 2 BUTTERFLIES ON ISLAND, never see the rare butterflies either so why take them out of the game now

  • Hello Maria.

    Try decorete your island with flowers. I catch more than 100 black butterflies.

    I'll send you invitation to be part of my tribe.


  • I'm iPad player

  • Hi everyone

    I xould like to unlock the boat. I repaired it, but i can't reach tree island. It says i have to complete the 'packing for the road' quest before. I don't see this quest anywhere :(

    Btw, if anyone could send me a heart i would be very gratefull

  • How do you plant things grown in the greenhouse? I don't see them in my inventory. Thanks.

  • Altea Tamora - Packing for the road is on the left of the screen with the other quests. You have to get 2 cans of corn, 3 jars of pickled tomatoes and 15 water bottles, I'm having issues with the water bottles, don't know ho or where to get them. I suggest it the quest has not come up yet that you start planting now!

    Can anyone tell me what I have to buy or do to get water bottles and if it is worth it?

  • Please see question about water too!

    Also how do I upgrade my hut, tree house etc, without buying lots of totems. I have been playing this for about 3 days and seem to be getting no where fast.

    Please come visit my island! Does anyone else have problems visiting other peoples islands. If I get the wrong person, it wipes all of my events and some of the things I have been given. If I had not have had dodgy links I would have had all of my water bottles gifted by now!

  • Where do/how do I grow flowers to get the pestle and mortar to heal the raccoon?

    Where/how do I get water bottles?

    Please come visit my island or check out what I need below!

    Water bottles x 9

    Ostrich hackles x 40

    hearts x 2

    Lemon segments x 3

    Coconut cream x 3

    Happy to return the favor if I have an excess of the items!

    Pounder x 3

  • How does the game know which facebook account it's connecting to? I'm on Android, on a Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) and this is what happens: I share a phone with my gf, who doesn't play Robinson, but she uses fb a lot, so it's usually logged in to her fb account. I only use fb for Robinson. I have 81 friends on feint. If the phones fb is logged into my gf account and I play Robinson (usually the case), I have 151 people in my tribe. I can only visit the islands of my feint friends. If I press the button that says connect to fb or ask friends for help I get an error. But if I log into fb on the phone (restart it, exit and re-enter feint, all that in any combination), then play robinson, I only have my 81 feint friends in my tribe. But if I click the connect to fb button I don't get an error. If I ask friends for help or post something on my wall it says it happened, but I have no idea whose wall it's posting to because it's not mine.

    The game never crashes for me and otherwise works fine. It's always been this way, and I think it's bizarre. Am I missing something?

  • iOS player-level 69 but still Cant go to storm Island . Fix it please

  • Hi!

    I have a problem and I hope you can help me.

    I'm on level 22 and I am not able to unlock the tree-island. I already repaired my boat, but in the second part of the mission it tells me to select a map in the lower right part of the menu. But there, I can't find anything! So I can't finish the mission.

    Any ideas???

  • I just started playing on an android tablet and can't access open feint. Anyone know a way to get it to work?

  • Does anybody know of a list of quests with required items? I have one that I failed that involved growing corn and something else in under 12 hours. I want to try and redo it but I need toi know what the plants are so they are ready in time.

  • I have just startede all over with Robinson game on my new Samsung Galaxy Note. I had the game on another android the first time. And I had used a lot of hours and money to buy totems. And suddenly I could not use my Facebook friends anymore. After a week I gave up.

    And now I have started all over on a new Facebook profile, on a brand new android mobile. And again I used the speciel offer with totems.

    But now is the problem in the game.

    To use the boat, I have to open the chest with a timer. But the only chest there is - is the "Promo Chest"....

    So now is it not possible to move forward in the game, when I can not use the boat!!!!!

    I will not start all over again - and loose all my totems again.



  • Je suis au niveau 72, je n'ai plus aucun défi et je n'ai pas accès à cette île :-(

  • I am getting frustrated maybe someone can help me. I repaired the boat and the quest says i am supposed to klick on the map that is located at the right bottom corner. There is just no map to click on. When I click on the boat I can see the map, but I can't sail to another island. It always says there is a quest i have to finish first.

  • For people having problems with constant freezing this might help:

    Every time I went to my tree island I could feed about 10 animals before the game froze. I realised it was because I had the entire island covered and the tiger was trying to appear but had no space. I cleared a corner of my island to make sure the predator animals had some space to appear and haven't had any more problems since then.

  • None of my completed bonus' from Jack are registering, what can I do to fix it? I have completed the bonus many times but cannot complete any of the goals that require Jack's highest bonus because they aren't registering. Help?????

  • I've been wondering how to visit my tribe member's islands? whenever i press the visit thing it says "user not found" !? why is this?

  • also, how do you get more energy to use on other people's islands!?

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