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  • "67" ---- Thanks! Dorothy Berger Kehe for getting back to me and for sending on my regards. May you have a great week also. Where do you live now? I do not recall telling you where I live. I live in Union, New Jersey.

  • I live in Valparaiso, Indiana. I attended Valparaiso University and met my husband here and stayed. Raised our three kids here too. We are at the southern most tip of Lake Michigan and about 45 minute from downtown Chicago. My family still lives in Waldwick and Wyckoff so I get back east a couple of times a year.

  • "67" -- My sister inlaw lives in Naiperville which is south of Chicago - the city - and I have a nephew who lives and works in Chicago. Chicago, I found to be a clean city and a nice place to visit. I do get to Ridgewood quite often as I still have friends who live there. One friend of mine owns and operates the "Village Cafe" which is across from the Taxi Stand on Broad Street by the train tracks. His name is Mike Davis. Mike grew up on Midwood Road in the "Gulch" - the Ridgewood Lawns. I am very glad that Jimmy Gurdine, a friend of mine, has started the Ridgewood Expats. So far I have been able to catch up on a lot of history and get reconnected to friends from years gone by. Take care Dorothy Berger Kehe.

  • '80 - Worked there from around '77 - '80, in Preteen, but ALSO got to work the Penny Candy! I ate SHITLOADS of penny candy. Mmmmmmmm. Thought I was all that for getting a job in Preteen. Started by sorting mail, and then got to the promised land. Worked for women named Faith and Gay. Seriously. Worked there with my best friend, Kelley. Crazy times!

  • The funny thing about Sealfon's is that 20 years after I left Ridgewood I met Harry Sealfon, son of the owner, at a Rochester Women's Network meeting. Harry was the only male member of the RWN. He is a CPA. Apparently, he didn't want to stay in the family business. But I used to love going there with my best friend, Carol Speich, to check out all the latest fashions.

    Anita Waddingham Class of '68.

  • I did inventory at Sealfon's during Summer '75, following time away where I was pummelled with "Hey! You're from Jersey! You must LOVE Springsteen!" so much that I was temporarily off him, preferring to catch up on my Neil Young and Frank Zappa, amongst others... and turned down a chance from a girl (also doing inventory) to see him at [sigh] The Bottom Line, his big breakthrough performance. But then I made a lot of odd decisions that year...

  • My first job was at Sealfons in the receiving room. I got to unpack all the new clothes that came in and ticket them. Also was a wrapper during Christmas and yes...I even taught my girls how to wrap "The Sealfon Way."

  • My first job was as a Christmas wrapper at Sealfons in about 1972, I later work on the sales floor. To this day, I STILL wrap my gifts "the sealfons way"

  • we all bought the same Villager and Lady Bug clothes, then went downstairs to the penny candy, then to the office and their secretary would call your mother so you could be picked up. What a great store to have such lasting memories by everyone. Times have really changed.

  • Can someone demonstrate the "Sealfon" wrapping method for those of us who only had the privilege of shopping there, not working there?

  • I remember when I moved to Ridgewood from MA. and I met my first two girlfriends in the neighborhood-Lisa and Barbi. Barbi had a kids Sealfons charge card. I guess that parents could set up a charge for you for up to $25 so that you could go shopping on your own. This was in 4th grade. My mother's reaction to my request to have this also was not what I had hoped for... I also loved the Penny Candy Shop downstairs . This was around 1964. I am also wondering what the Sealfons wrapping method was...

  • It's hard to describe--all edges were carefully tucked in, no points were allowed to show, and all packages were coordinated with beautiful ribbons and bows--then a "Certainly It's Sealfons" gold sticker was placed on the package. I wrapped there one Christmas season, and one summer I demonstrated makeup--how to put on eyeliner and false lashes. Not only was it fun, I got lots of samples!! I am hooked on Estee Lauder to this day!

  • I worked in "handbags" for the Blum Family...maybe in 74?

  • Hi Beth,

    Sealfon's was always my favorite store. I grew up shopping there and when my daughter was born I bought out the baby section--kept shopping there until I moved to Florida in 1989. Was sorry to hear it went out of business.

  • Everybody knows where they where when they heard JFK was shot. Well my twin sister and I were in the ladies room of Sealfon's (left school early for some reason!) Someone came in and told us and when we went out to the selling floor there was a big round desk where you paid and everyone was around the desk listening to the radio. When we walked out the door and headed up to Holly's Restaurant there was not a sole on the streets. It was as if Ridgewood had become a ghost town.

  • Being a male child and having no choice but to go there on occasion with my mother, I HATED the store. Then when my sister stated driving I had to grace the place with her too.

  • Hi Larry-when they had a boys dept. I used to take my son there, but he didn't mind because they had a small pirate ship big enough to climb in, and of course, I had to bribe him with ice cream treats afterward the grueling expedition!

  • I moved to Ridgewood in 1956, and promptly discovered Sealfon's. I remember in junior high you could sign up with a friend to dress one of the store windows. Your names were put on a fancy card in the corner of the window. My friend Judy Gallagher (Ryan) and I did it together and were so proud. I also remember hanging out in the downstairs preteen room. Looking back, it's amazing that they provided preteen girls a place to be and never asked us to leave if we'd been there a long time, or only bought candy and no clothing (Though I must say I bought plenty of the latter!). Judy and I graduated in 1962, and are still each other's closest and dearest friends.

  • We lived in HHK (The Greggs) and would walk to Sealfons after school at RHS '70 go the the lower level where the penny candy and junior clothes were and ask to use the phone to get a ride home. They were always so accommodating. Later I took an etiquette or beauty class there and worked as a wrapper over the xmas holiday. It wasn't the same when they consolidated the stores and moved down the street but it was still nice to visit. Packages were always wrapped so beautifully at no cost.

    Back then we (my two older sisters and I, Susan '66 and Judy '68) would spend hours across the street at Nassau's where we could pick out the fabric and pattern and make our own clothes to our design. When mini skirts were popular one could sew it up in a few hours with less than a yard of fabric.

  • Hi Janet, I remember your sisters-I was class of '67 and lived on the corner of Gilbert and Sheridan in HHK. I miss the original Sealfon's--did like the new one when they moved and did plenty of shopping there! We all learned how to wrap beautiful packages, didn't we?! I still wrap that way. My Aunt Margaret used to work at Nassau's right through the early 80's. I still love HHK and Ridgewood but haven't been back in several years.

  • I remember Villager sweaters and the penny candy. I was back in Ridgewood several years ago, and looked for Sealfon's and Winchell's. both gone...

  • My Mom worked at Sealfons as the switchboard operator - my first job was at Sealfons as a XMAS wrapper - Kelley (Goggins) Okolita

  • Sealfons was a great store. I bought my first formal dress there. Never worked there; but think it is great so many former employees wrap gifts the Sealfons way.

  • Valerie Scherr '70. I can't believe how many of us worked there. I wrappe for XMAS and worked in the Woman's dept re-hanging dresses etc. Someone mentioned Estee Lauder. Does anyone remember the woman who worked at that counter, Dagmar? One of the first people I recall known by a first name only! She seemed to be semi-famous or something.

  • I remember her well!! She's the first person to show me how to use 3 shades of shadow at once--Estee lauder, of course--still use those products today!

  • My first job was at Sealfons as a Christmas wrapper - my mother worked there as the switchboard operator "good afternoon, Sealfons" - stil wrap presents the Sealfon way. I remember Dagmar as well - Mostly I remember that she often wore white and pink, she always smelled great and always had her face "made up" in a way I could not replicate even today.

  • Hi Kelley, Dagmar wore Estee-now a classic and hard to find.

  • Thanks so much for all of your wonderful compliments. It is great to be remembered and most importantly loved:) I have brought Sealfons Womens, Mens, Accessories and gifis back for the holidays in Summit, NJ. Google Sealfons Returns to Summit, NJ and you will see all the press releases discussing the new store. Thanks again and hope to see you all in Summit.

  • That is wonderful news!! Sealfons was always my favorite store since childhood. I purchased my 8th grade graduation dress there and years later, my daughter's graduation and prom dresses. I no longer live in the area, but it would certainly be worth the trip! I will be sure to check you out online-thanks for writing!

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