Favorite Bars and Places We Went!

  • There were great bars and there were places we went to a lot - the best for me were: The Barn, ABG's, The Library, Boodle's, Cuss From Hoe, Kinchley's, and Esposito's locally and Yankee Clipper, Parker House, Casablanca, Main Street Saloon And Mary's down the shore. Other places where we always saw friends were Jade Fountain, Ramapo Inn, The Brownstone......................any others?

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  • There was also The Cellar in Ridgewood, Lift the Latch, and Nickel's Alley, both in Paramus.

    After my wife died a few years ago, a group of widows was looking for a good place to meet-up in Northern NJ, and we hit The Barn in Wyckoff - it hasn't changed a bit in 30+ years.

    My family used to frequent the Hotel Emerson and Tracey's Nine Mile House for open faced steak sandwiches.

  • Is the Latch still there? It was a good place to drop into after going to concerts in NYC, back in the late 70s. Later on, an okay place to hit after a course at BCC, but I frequented The Barn in the 80s, after developing friends in the Wyckoff/Franklin Lks area.

    The year before I moved out to LA for the software biz ('83), I'd helped my parents with their Christmas party at home, before heading out to The Barn and then another place over in Wayne (no, not Tobos). On the way back to Ridgewood I drove past The Barn on the off chance that I could get a last drink before heading home. It was obvious at the time that the place was closed up for the night, as cars were coming out in the nightly procession I remembered; turning left, going past me towards Franklin Lks and Ewing... and then I saw the sobriety check. Thankfully I'd been sucking up club sodas for the past two hours, and was wearing a suit from the previous party. The only time I ever used the "Some problem up ahead, officer?". He just waved me through. Ah!

  • I remember one St Patrick's Day circa 1975 or so - I made the rounds at The Barn and the Brownstone Inn in Wyckoff - pulling out onto Franklin Ave, I was followed by a police car. My trick to shake them was always to turn into a neighborhood street like I was going home. Well needless to say he followed me down this street and it was a cul-de-sac - well I went around it, he went around it - we headed back onto Franklin and he stopped me immediately. He comes up to my window (its like 2am) gets my license and says "Happy St Patrick's Day! - um, were you trying to lose me?" I said no, no I thought there was a shortcut to Godwin Ave. Well long story short despite all the drinks I had - he said he'd follow me home a short while to make sure I got home safe - can you believe that? Different time - I'd probably do jail time today!

  • For some folks we are all criminals-in-waiting, alas.

  • There was a cafe-restaurant next to Superior Market back in the 70s-80s that made marvelous Reuben and Monte Cristo sandwiches. Still there? Anyone remember the name?

  • the latch is called biaggio's, and stasny's is now nellies.....great pizza

  • My husband and I went to The Brownstone in Wyckoff, great food and drink they were very busy for a Tuesday!!

  • Does anybody remember the Turnpike Tavern? It's in Allendale on Franklin Tpk but it is so close to the border that everyone thinks it is in Waldwick. Closed several years ago and now it is "Restaurant L". Food is great and it really is a great place. I'm the manager there. The only night I work is Tuesday and if you happen to come in say "Hello". My son, Jimmy is behind the bar Mon to Friday. Would love to see some old Ridgewood Folks

  • Thanks for the invite - I do remember Turnpike Tavern!

  • After HS I worked at King Auto in Ho-Ho-Kus and we would go there for a long liquid lunch!!!

  • Is The Barn still on Sicomac inn Wyckoff and is it the same?

  • We spent much time in the Barn,what a great place especially on cold winter nights when the big pot bellied stove was fired up.-- Does anyone remember the Midland Park Inn?

  • I remember The Midland Park Inn well. It was in walking distance of my house. Good thing.

  • I remember The MPI as I was a frequent attendee. Jim Reamer and Tom LeBlanc would stop in to buy six-packs. What was the name of the Italian place over the NY border? I remember pitchers and pitchers of beer. Was it Peruna's (sp)? That may be right, but I'm not sure. I also spent considerable time at The Owl and I in Fair Lawn and Mother's. I think Mother's was in Wayne on 23.

  • In the early days we spent much time in MPInn of Jersey drinking time that is .There was a Bar upstate on East or West Saddle River rd called the Hob Nob. Remember the Brauhaus on Rt 17 in Sloatsburg? first bar I ever went to. Also spent alot of time in the Owl I think we we would close it at least once a week. Yes Mothers was on 23 and also there was a Mothers on Greenwood Lake

  • Sometimes I would go to the Orange Lantern in Paramus after a burger and fries at The Fireplace. The Paramus girls were pretty friendly.

  • @John: For those RHSrs of the late 60s, possibly into the early 70s, Perunas was THE place to go!!!

  • I was early 70s and never went to Perunas

  • Thanks for verifying that it was Perunas and jogging my memory banks. Those were some great times from what I can remember...until I either blacked out or passed out!!

  • @Gary, I guess when I left for college and then the military, all the fun went out of Perunas. Just sayin. :-)

  • '67... Ridgewood Expats is right... Perunas in Spring Valley, The Joker, The Duck Cedar Inn was a favorite on Prom night as was the Motel on the Mountain and of course, Mother's in greenwood Lake! I think we lost some students on Skyline Drive coming back from Mother's. That road was a death trap if you were sober!

  • `73 I remember being in 10th grade in High School I had friends who were seniors who would make upstate beer runs on friday afternoon for friday nights I think quarts were about a dollar.

  • I think Perunas was the place to go and I mean going back to the late 50's.

  • Was there a place call Boots

  • Remember a bar in town called The Brass Lamp?

  • Tattered Tom's in Cresskill ... What Ale's You in Westwood .. The Library in WoodCliff Lake .. 1973 - 74 - 75 (o:

  • Hello Everyone!

    I need some HELP from any of you that may remember a nightclub in Rockland County New York back in 1969-1971. It had live music and the owners first name was Phil. The bar I think it may have been was called the Brauhaus. My mother says this bar was destroyed by fire in 1971-1972 era.

  • Does anyone remember the CLUB 59 in Nanuet , N.Y. ? The club burned down in 1971 and was located off of NY-59 in Nanuet.