Puggle Separation Anxiety

  • Does anyone have problems with separation anxiety with their puggles? I'm not talking they're sad cause you ran to the store, I mean full blown anxiety attacks, constant crying, trying to eat their way through the door upset. My two puggles are very human oriented, they can't even go to sleep unless they are touching one of their humans. I've tried the "hug" jacket, crate (that was a disaster) and nothing has worked. Has anyone else dealt with this problem before?

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  • My Puggle is very similar to this and I am very worried about an event that I have coming up. My son is getting married in June and I live in VA and he lives in Idaho and I can't afford to fly my puggle with me so I plan on leaving him with some friends but he get so stressed without me just after a day not seeing me let alone a week. The "hug" jacket gave him more anxiety then help. I wish there was more information that was here for some support. I am with you. He is such a sweet and loving little guy. He just needs lots of touch attention. I could use some advice on this as well.