Potty training tips

  • Anyone have any potty training tips to share with those having trouble?

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  • Consistancy! My Nala was very stubborn and strong willed. Start early and often and be consistent and they can learn anything. Nala was an apartment dog for the first year and a half of her life so she was litter trained. She uses her potty box inside but she still requires intentional exercise other times. Still gets outside time in our fenced yard and on regular walks (she also uses the treadmill on supervised occasions). Litter training is a WONDERFUL thing! Especially when it's raining/snowing outside. If any one wants to know more about litter training your dog, I'm happy to help! But its only recommended for dogs 25 lbs and under.

  • So we crate trained our puggle once we got him (Preemo). We later actually taught him to "ring the bell" - which is a command too. So every time we took him outside, we would tap the bell and say the command (for about a week). The next week we would take his paw an say the command do take him right outside. He soon learned that "ringing the bell" meant.. I go outside! So since he was a puppy, he of course had accidents in the house, but kept ringing it non-stop so he could go outside & play an hang out. We stayed consistent an kept taking him out until we knew he could hold it.. an then we didn't take him out every ring (of course, if we knew he JUST went potty). So now he's 2.5 years old, and still uses it.. only when he wants to go outside, or if he sees a friend outside, and wants to play. Otherwise Preemo has gotten so used to it, that since we've moved we showed him where the bell was, an he knows exactly what to do when he needs to go outside. Practice makes perfect, and make sure to praise, praise, praise them when they get the trick. We would actually use treats too when we taught him the command, so he got excited an how he taps the bell with his nose. It's really cute!

  • Our rescue puggle (age 2 to 3 years old, no previous history available on him) shows no signs of having to go out - ever. When he goes by the door he is just looking out, if we take him out he doesn't go. We have tried putting him on a tie out in the back yard and he just stands by the door. If we go out with him he just sits by us. The only way we can get him to poop is to walk him. If we walk him in the back yard he will only pee next to the neighbors bushes way in the back -- fine now but once the snow hits we will not be able to get there. We tried placing his poop in the back yard to give him the idea but as soon as he sniffs it he makes a wide path around it. Any suggestions?

    Our previous dog we had from a pup (a labrador) and she was easily trained. Max is not a pup and since we have no idea why he was given up or what he experience early in life I'm stumped as to how to do this.

  • oscar was real stubborn about potty trainning. i never thought i would see the day whenhe tells us he has to go out. he is going tobe 3 in may. the bad part now is when its rainning or bad weather i put a pad down he wont go. i didnt want to let him out when it was negative degress out he held it. i even brought him to the garage and put the pads down there didnt work. i was in tears at times my shepard was so easy to train. puggles are stubborn

  • I just got Brody on Saturday and he seems to be doing well...however, he just started dragging the newspaper and the potty pads (that lie underneath) with his teeth over to near where his crate is...he has been good with going on the paper but see that when he gets a bit over excited when we play in the apartment he just 'pees' where he is...can anyone give me suggestions on how to stop him from running away with new clean papers that I lay down for him?

  • Like Lauren said it takes time and consistency. I got my puppy at 7 weeks, and now at 12 weeks are pretty much potty trained. We have an accident about once a week in the house, but that's mostly because his cues are so subtle. In the beginning we just took him out anytime his noise was to the ground. We used words to express our want such as "go potty" "go poopy" and "good boy". We also treated him when he did the desired deed (I don't have to treat anymore). Crate training isn't easy, but there are tons of articles and videos about how to do it properly and in the long run its worth it. Crate at night, when you go out, most pups don't want to soil their area. We also took the puppy out 15-20 mins after meals and whenever he "wandered" off. He also used words like "outside". I think potty pads confuse the puppy. He doesn't really understand it and thinks they want me to go inside and outside --- I feel it doesn't teach them anything. Of course we had accidents in the beginning, but we got a great carpet cleaner with a brush and he's never gone in the same place 2x. Eventually and one day it'll click.

    My pup gets excited, too, when he sees new people and pees himself. I think they'll grow out of it.