Specialty Dining

  • This will be my first Princess Cruise and would like to try one of the specialty restaurants. I like seafood and hubby likes beef. Which one

    do you like and why? I will be sailing on The Grand. I didn't see a place to reserve on the personalizer. How are the reservations made?

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  • I haven't been to Sabatini's yet (going on my second Princess cruise in a few weeks), but we dined at the steakhouse last year on the Caribbean Princess and it was amazing. We had amazing steaks and we also had lobster tails. I had the porterhouse and I think my fiance had the filet mignon. Everything was excellent! We didn't make a reservation until we were onboard and didn't have any problems.

  • Thanks!

  • Hi Delores,

    The Grand Princess specialty restaurants are: Sabatini’s and the Crown Grill. Sabatini’s offers authentic Italian fare featuring pasta and seafood specialties, and the Crown Grill offers Tender, cooked-to-order steaks and fresh seafood including grilled fish, shrimp, lobster and scallops. For an example of the menus at these restaurants please use the following link: http://bit.ly/AwjD93

    Once you are onboard you are able to make your reservations :)

  • I just returned from a wonderful cruise on the Grand. We dined in both Sabatini's and the Crown Grill. Both were amazing. If I HAD to choose a favorite, it would be Sabatini's. If you can do both, do it, you won't be dissapointed!

  • Thanks!

  • The Grill, Delores. We went there for my husband's birthday and I can guarantee excellent service and amazing food. It's the first time I have ever been defeated by a dessert (the Crown Grill four sample one). We don't have a birthday to celebrate this year, but we will definitely be going there again. Last year they opened the grill some lunchtimes as a British Pub serving Pub Grub lol

  • I am pleased to announce that I enjoyed the surf and turf and the desserts last week on Grand Princess. The Pub Grill was great, too!

  • Glad you did. I had mussels when we went and my husband had steak.

  • I had problems with the seated dining on last cruise, Conquest, in the Carribean.

    If you publish a menu of what is being served, I am finicky enough to expect that what is described in the menu is what is served.

    I had complained on board, and the Maitre D told me that she would look into it and try to take care of the problem. She never got back to me the rest of the time dining.

    I left a complaint at desk and sent an email, and none have been responded to.

    The problem with descriptions and actual food served, started with garlic shrimp, which were breaded. Then there were the Black Tiger Prawns that were baby shrimp, and the trilogy that I report on has the shark and langostino roll, being served as a fried hash of something.

    In buffett area of ship, similar items were served but without the misleading menu description.

    And service was really a problem, but that is for another post.

  • Hi Barry,

    We do not have a ship called Conquest, and I was unable to locate your booking. Please know that we do value all passenger feedback and hope you contact our Customer Relations Department if you would like to discuss your concerns further. customerrelations@princesscruises.com

  • I am with Thursday April 26, 2012 FunTimes which was a daily list of events for the day, and it says

    the Carnival Conquest Team, Captain Francesco La Fauci, Chief Engineer Cosimo Delvento, Hotel Directo Peter Frendo and Cruise Director Paul Santley.

    So I have a problem that you don't have the cruise that left New Orleans on April 22, with stops in Cozymel, Grand Cayman and Jamaica, returning on Sunday April 29.

    If you are telling me that you don't have a ship called the Conquest, then I am in shock because I have photos of the ship with Carnival Conquest painted on the side of the ship.

  • Hi Barry,

    Yes, you are correct. Carnival Cruise has a ship by the name of Carnival Conquest. You can find the names of the ships in the Princess Cruises fleet by clicking on the following link: http://www.princess.com/learn/ships/

  • Barry, you are on the Princess Cruises page. You will need to contact customer service for Carnival Cruise Lines. You can go to the Carnival fb page and I am sure that someone will give you the number for customer service.

  • YUM! I just returned from SF, Ca RT to Havaii on the Star Princess:-) Did you know there is no "W" in Hawaiian? TeeHee I loves me some specialty dining!!! And the Chef's Table, and the wine tastings, and the chocolate tastings, and, and, and did you know that I spent so much time running from one meal to the next I actually lost weight!!! Hahahaha I had dinner twice in each restaurant and lunch either in port or the international cafe or the pizza joint!!! WOW! Kudos to all dining Service Staff aboard the Star Princess April 28 ~ May 13 2012 job well done! More kudos under separate cover. emf

  • I was on a princess ship called the SS Minow. It was only supposed to be a three hour tour out of Hawaii. Unfortuneatly the first mate ruined our time. The skipper did his very best and if not for the courage of the fearless crew the Minow would have been lost. So we landed on this uncharted Island and did our best survive. It was a disaster. Next thing princess will be saying is they don't have an SS Minow...(just a joke)

  • PRINCESS -- I have a question about the Crown Grill. If someone in our party is unable to eat the food that is on the menu - except for one or two side dishes and only 1 dessert -- do they still have to pay the $25? Or can they order something from one of the other dining room? Thank you!

  • Hi Kelley,

    If seated in the Crown Grill they will still have to pay the cover charge of $25.00. If there are any special requests for certain meals in replace of what is being served in the Crown Grill, you or anyone in your party can speak to the waiters and to see what can be done.

  • PRINCESS -- even if they don't eat - they still have to pay $25? If they are not eating, what is the $25 for?

  • Why on earth would one go to a specialty restaurant if one is not going to eat? Would you go to a movie or sporting event with a bag over your head and refuse to pay 'cause you are not going to watch?

    Your logic is no different than the age old gripe solo cruisers have had for decades about paying double to cruise "Single Supplement" Because Princess is going to charge what it wants to charge and what the market will tolerate.

  • There are 4 people in our party and one person is unable to eat what is on the menu. They don't eat sea food and are unable to eat meat. Since they are traveling with us - why would we make them eat somewhere else by themselves? 3 of us can / want to eat there.

  • The Maitre'D and Chef (at both Sabatini and Crown) are seasoned professionals who are there to make the experience as pleasant as possible for EVERYONE in your party. From what you have communicated here I presume the person in question is a vegetarian or vegan. When you make your reservation be sure to tell the Maitre'D that one of your party has these strict eating guidelines and to prepare a meal (appetizer, Soup, Salad, Entree, Desert) within the specified guidelines.

    I would highly recommend that the person with the restrictions write out EXACTLY what the dietary restrictions are; make two copies, make your reservations in person with the Maitre'D well in advance of when you would like to dine and give him/her ONE copy of the list.

    When you arrive for your reservation take the second copy of the list with you (better safe than sorry). I am able to say with certain certainty that the other diners will be envious but satiated by the end of the event!

    An opportunity for the Chef to stretch his/her wings once in a creative while is golden for them and I imagine s/he will amaze the diner.

    I look forward to reading all about your experience when all is said & done:-)

    On a personal note; the second time I dined at Sabatini' on my most recent cruise I asked the waiter if he and the Chef would just surprise me with a meal as I was unable to decide (Dinner Roulette!) IT WAS FANTASTIC! In all modesty I am one tough customer and they knocked my socks off!! :-) <3



  • Erich - thank you for the information. I will check with Princess to see if it can be done or if it was a one time deal. Some times it depends on the ship & crew. If she can -- THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting me know.

    PRINCESS -- is this true? Can we order something different at the Crown Grill - providing we ask at the time we make the reservations?

    Thank you

  • Hi Kelley,

    The Crown Grill has a separate Galley from the main dining rooms, and may not be able to accommodate all dietary requests. Please speak with the Maitre d’ to discuss this further. (As far as specialty restaurants onboard, Sabatini’s has more options on the menu that might also give more menu choices for your traveling companion. http://www.princess.com/learn/onboard/food_dining/specialty_restaurants/index.html)

    Also, to inform us of any food allergy and dietary restrictions, please contact the Dietary Coordinator via email dietaryrequest@princesscruises.com or via fax (661) 284-4770. Once onboard, we encourage you or your traveling companions to contact the Maitre d' to discuss dietary restrictions and assist with menu selections suitable for your needs.