Recipes to the alchemy cauldron... help me!

  • Please, someone know some recipes to the alchemy cauldron? Thanks.

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  • I should be getting the cauldron in a day or two. I think this would be a great thread for everyone to share their recipes :)

  • I know all the recipes, but I think that if you find them on your own, it should be better.

    But if you really want me to tell you the recipes; just send me a message! :D

  • thanks, Kostas Lakadis... but i have find all of them in a bit of time.

  • still cant figure out the key on the golden island. i thought i tried all the combinations but maybe i missed something. is there an ingredient im not thinking of?

  • I took a close look at the picture that Pocket God posted on their home page today. Did you notice that a mushroom is an ingredient, even though it's not one of the items placed on the item by the cauldron? I just got the cauldron, so I'm still experimenting myself, and can't say this is the answer, it's just a clue that I think will help me in my own experimentation.

  • bridget, you can use mushrooms, coconuts, bomb cactus, fish caught by your pigmys(i dont know if the color matters or not)if there are any other sneaky ingredients i havent found them yet. i only have a couple left on the golden isle and the jungle isle. if anyone wants to give a a clue i will take it

  • Hint: In the Golden Island you use the junk that the Reef Guardian throws up! :D

  • And in the Jungle Island you use all the three-different-color fishes to make an ingredient to make something else!

  • Wow, this gets really involved! Finding all the recipes could take a few days :)

  • thank you kostas!!!

  • 2.Big Island

    3.Jungle Island

    4.Golden Island

    5.Mayan Crypt


  • Ranz Roullete Ripped valeu pelas dicas

  • How do you get the ey, and what does the egg mix with?

  • I'll need more clarification before I can help you.

    - What island are you on?

    - What exactly is an "ey"?

    - Have you tried looking at the post that was linked to in Ranz's post (3 posts above this one)? They list all of the islands, all of the recipes.

  • I meant key on the Golden Island. my "K" key gets stuck

  • how do you get the piranha in jungle island "Piranha + Star + Grapes = Undead Potion"

  • nevermind :)

  • how do you get the staff in Gold island, I just can't "take" it >w< ?

  • Julie: are you asking how to fight the octopus with your avatar, or is the staff one of the cauldron ingredients? (The imps are currently playing in the matrix, otherwise I'd be able to take a look at the recipe book myself...)

  • 1.Sand Island

    2.Big Island

    3.Jungle Island

    4.Golden Island

    5.Mayan Crypt


    If you have any more questions ask :D