Mystery Island help

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  • "The sweet smell of liberty kinda reminds me of bile ! how ? please ! need reply guys :((

  • hello Pocket God ! How about the Mystery Island 6 ( The sweet smell of liberty kinda reminds me of bile ) what shall i do ?

  • Hi Joh, the bile is the reef monster. Let me know if you need help triggering him :)

  • but how ?

  • I wondered if you needed help triggering him :) Okay, you'll need to be on any of the open air islands (IE, NOT the Mayan Crypt. Also, not the really tiny, 2-pygmy island. Any of the others should work just fine). To travel: to the right of the list of friends, there are four small squares. The upper right-hand square is the Archipelago map. Click on that, and select the island you want to visit.

    Once you are on an island that supports the reef guardian, check out this video on the specifics: Note: the video starts by showing that the reef guardian is under the Geological tools, which is still correct. However, instead of him being the first item on that tab, I know have to scroll to the right in order to find him.

    Hope that helps, let me know how it turns out, okay? Especially if more information is needed. Good luck :)

  • @ Bridget ! Thank you Friend ;)

  • mystery island 4 : never strike twice in the same place; otherwise, they will think they're safe

    what does that mean?

  • They say lightning never strikes twice. Have you tried zapping them with lightning?

  • ok... tq... that's lightning...

  • On mystery island 4 what does "sharing strengthens the bond between friends, living or dead" mean?

  • How do you make your avatar stronger? Mine is a 1..

  • I think you just have to unleash your avatar and let it kill, kill, kill! Killing pygmies gets a few strength points, killing friends' avatars gets more per kill. Good luck!

  • I need help with the famous last words#2 I thought i knew all of them but I don't.

  • I need

  • sorry didn't mean that last thing

  • What is the text for the quest?

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