Mystery Island help

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  • a heart beat at a

    rhythm until it beats no more

  • on Mystery Island 6, what does "The sweet smell of liberty kinda reminds me of bile..." mean?

  • matt i think it means the unicorn has to fart on your pigmy click on the unicorn really fast to do this

  • nope not the unicorn, nor the Venus flytrap, or the tar pit

  • hello pocket god i need to know the answer to this riddle on mystery island 2 holding somthing of interest will call this carrier of death

  • @Jansyl, you need to get the dodo to pick up your pygmies by getting them to hold fish.

  • tnx

  • im having trouble with sacrifice investigation done one that was easy just lob them in the water but zapping dodo while carrying dosnt seem to registar sacrifice ad ive used bomb every way i can think and nothing registers there either

  • I need help on Jungle Exploration: 6 of 8 "Sacrifice pygmies by using the chicken itza pyramid to propel your avatar on the island." I have tried dropping pygmies into the pyramid, dropping my avatar into the pyramid, and setting off the pyramid while my avatar was on the island. And it's not the avatar special effect on the sun stone either...

  • Nevermind... I ran out of energy before I figured it out, but I got it.

  • it should be dropping avatar into volcano that worked for me just make sure theres pygmies on the island when he lands

  • nope not the volcano, re the bile..WHAT IS IT?

  • OHH I GOT IT! :D You have to make the reef guardian throw up!! :D I felt stupid when I finally figured it out XD

  • Yeah I figured it out lol

  • Hey, I need help with the Mystery Island 1 "Brought up by going down" I can't figure it out... I've tried hurricane, dodo, sun stone, flicking...

  • nevermind... got it already

  • On mystery island 4 what does "sharing strengthens the bond between friends, living or dead" mean?

  • Tessa Dupont, Use GRAVITY to tip five pygmies off the island and into the sea. Easy peasy :)

  • Okay, now I have a question for FB version of PG. The quest is Apocalypse: 2 of 5 (I'm on step two of five steps). The clue is: "Sacrifice pygmies using the volcano to propel your AVATAR on the island". I am unable to simply drop anyone, including my avatar into the volcano. They can however be flicked into it. Who must be present on the island when whom is flicked into the volcano? And should I have it all preset up with two prior flicks so that the 3rd flick will reign down lava onto the island? I just don't know. I really thought there would be a comprehensive walkthrough online for the FB version of this uber-popular game! Does anyone know for SURE what to do here? I'd appreciate a knowledgeable answer. Thanks guyz.

  • Beau

    you have to flick ur avatar into the vulcano and have as may pygmies on the island as you'd like to kill.

    if you flick ur avatar into the vulcano he will be "zapped" onto ur island again and when he does, the light that comes of kills all the pygmies. You don't need to preset the vulcano, just the avatar flicking does the trick normally :)

  • "jungle exploration 6 of 9: sacrifice pygmies by using the Chicken Itza pyramid to propel your avatar on the island." facebook version.

    how do i get the Chicken Itza pyramid in the first place?

  • nevermind. i feel stupid. it's the volcano.

  • Thanks Tessa, I will give that a try :)

  • Mystery Island 3: Neither dead nor god must fight over this dark, watery demise...what does that mean?

  • Jason, have you tried the various methods of death by tar pit? (Dropping them in, beheading by fighting with the dead that resides in the tar pit, or just letting the dead thing grab the pygmy and letting go before the pygmy can be beheaded.) I think since it says "neither...must fight...", I would guess the third option is the way to go.

  • it turns out you have to drop them into the tar pit, thanks for the reply

  • Glad it helped :)


  • Trebreh: you need to sacrifice four pygmies on the sun stone in order to activate the solar eclipse power. Each time you sacrifice a pygmy, one of the lights on the base of the sun stone will light up. When all four lights are on, you should be able to drag the sun stone in front of the sun. Any pygmies on the island will be killed during the solar eclipse. Hope this helps :)

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