Help Famous Last Words 3

  • "Hibernating is awesome. You get to sleep for months with a full belly! See you next spring." What does this mean?

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  • Use fridge to freeze

  • But I don't know the question 2

  • Hello Miss Cocoa!

    As Athena said, this objective is completed by using the fridge to freeze.

    Athena, the second objective is ""Exhaustion won't stop me. I'm having too much fun. Need…to…keep…going!"

    If I tell you that after saying these words, the pygmy fell from an heart attack, does that help? ;D

  • I have guessed it. Dance! haha!

  • Thanks guys! I couldn't access the forums yesterday at all (not sure why), but I did figure it out after all. I just tried every power, animal, device, etc. until the quest sprung up that plus sign! ^_^

  • Great job to you two =)

  • ants, dance and reef guardian :)

  • "I used to burn these with a magnifier. I'll show you, they won't bite!" What does this mean?

  • Have you tried the ants?

  • try the drums

  • Refrigerator, Dance, Ants!