VIERA Connect - UK Apps?

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  • I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me regarding development on some more UK specific VIERA Connect applications? I see there's considerable support and development for a number of German providers but not much from the UK. The Samsung Smart hub already has things such as LoveFilm (now owned by Amazon I believe). Also there's still no support for ITV Player, 4OD and Demand 5. Are deals in the pipeline to support these 'demand' platforms, given these sets are sold on their interactive capabilities. US customers and Europeans seem to get far greater support in this respect. If there are no plans to support any additional demand based TV services in the UK can you explain why? Is this simply that the market for UK based owners is too small to justify the development cost or does this require support and committment from the TV companies to acheive an outcome. If so, have Panasonic UK entered into any dialogue with broadcasters about bringing these platforms to their TVs? Samsung are certainly planning to support ITV player shortly on their range of Smart TVs but I've seen nothing regarding any development efforts in the UK from Panasonic...

    Your feedback would be most welcome.

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  • Would be good to have an update on this. Treated myself to a VIERA connect new TV at the weekend, can I access Lovefilm? Certain I saw the Lovefilm logo on the instore advertising...

  • Lovefilm probally wont happen as Acetrax is online instead, its a great service though - Give it a go, you should get a free rental on your first time!

  • Thanks Jamie, will do!

  • Hi Adam, The current applications list for the UK market can be found here: This service will continue to develop and we have fed back requests for the services you have mentioned. I can't unfortunately confirm if or when such applications will be available, as this is subject to change without notice. I can confirm that Lovefilm is not available on UK Viera TV's. The on demand movie service is Acetrax which Jamie has mentioned. Hope this helps.

  • The applications mentioned by Adam would be fantastic and although I realise you probably can't comment on these things, I suspect the silence is ominous. I do hope this is being looked at as the already vastly superior online capabilities of the Samsung nearly swung me that way when I was looking to purchase a TV and I think you will struggle in the future if you do not.

    Can you comment about whether there are ANY new apps on the way as I don't think I have seen any since I bought my TV?

  • Lovefilm has to be a must for me to be honest, I was a bit disappointed to discover that it isn't supported by viera connect. I've been a loyal lovefilm user for a number of years and find the service second to none, so im unlikely to change to a rival. Lovefilm support please panasonic!!

  • Where's BBC iplayer on my G20.......... just updated it to new connect store ?

  • I agree with Dan - Lovefilm tonnes more choice than Acetrax. Disappointed not to see it on connect

  • Panasonic need to bring reality to the APP store as LG, Samsung are really focusing on this and offering tonnes of apps including a 3D on Demand app. Come on Panasonic.

  • Thank you for your comments. We really value your feedback.

    I will make sure all of your comments are passed on to the VIERA team so we can bring you the best VIERA Connect service possible.

  • Panasonic,

    Are there any plans to bring VIERA Connect to the SC BTT362 Blu-Ray home cinema system?

    Ive linked it up to the internet today and was rather disappointed to find that it runs on the older firmware of VIERA Cast, making the likes of BBC iPlayer unavailable! I thought buying a 2011 model Blu Ray would get me the latest tech, but maybe not!

  • Hi Dan

    We are looking to add as much of the Viera Connect functionality to Blu Ray units as we can. We cannot currently confirm which specific units will be able to have these updates.

    We are also looking into the possibility of adding catchup services such as iPlayer, ITV player, 4oD and Demand 5, but cannot make any guarantee whether it will be possible to make these services available.

    Sorry we cannot be more specific at the moment, but we are continually looking to add more functionality to our internet connected products.

    Hope this helps

  • Hi Just wondering if Sky Go is going to available or if you could look into supporting it?

  • Where do I get a solution for my Facebook account on my Viera? It was working before, now I have to input a token on line which continually comes up Invalid. Why is Panasonic UK Contact Us been unavailable for over a week?

  • are we going to get a web browser on the connect ? some other tvs have it already,

    mush easier to watch channels on line from abroad

  • When is Panasonic UK going to allow the NHL GameCenter App to be released on the UK Viera Connect Market.

    1. The app is already developed and available

    2. In the UK ESPN Player no longer have rights for NHL therefore no issue re conflicts

    3. NHL Have said the matter is for Panasonic rather than the NHL

  • I would call it a walled garden - but most gardens have more things growing in them. It is criminal that they don't have 4OD and Demand5... OR ITV player.

    I partly bought my Viera for the promise of streaming, but it's so limited it's embarrassing (for Panasonic).

    You're a big brand, show us what you can do (and tell us if there's anything in the pipeline!!).

  • come on panasonic - why havent we got access to 4OD?! Are you in bed with the BBC for the iplayer???

  • Hi,

    Is there any update on this - Anything in the pipeline in regards to bringing more of the on demand tv apps to the viera marketplace?

    I'm a little dissapointed when it came to the lack of them on an otherwise brilliant purchase.


  • I'm with all of them on this!

    If ITV and channel 4 Players are not coming in the near future please tell us that!

    When I have emailed you directly I get a typical politician answer (lots of nice works but no answer)

    Come on Panasonic, we like the TV but why do you lack the commitment to tell your customers if 4Od and ITV players are coming.

    I get them on my tablet

    I get them on my Computer

    My son gets them on his game station.

    I EVEN get them on my phone.


  • Where is 4OD and ITV Catchup and even 5, is it really that hard people where asking about this over a year ago and don't nearly all the other manufacturers have at least 4OD i have Panasonic 50gt50(May 2012) and 50st50 (April 2012), my next TV's won't be a Panasonic if you apparently seem to keep ignoring what consumers want, i like your TV but come on Veira connect your way behind, poor!

  • Just brought a TX-P50VT50B, REALLY dissapointed that Lovefilm was not avaiable on it, If Samsung can do it why not panasonic ?

    Proved a showstopper for me, have returned the TV and now have a Samsung :/

  • We need others have said...we and other people will not buy panasonic TVs in the future if Samsung TVs offer more and better apps!

  • Have been a fan of Panasonic TVs for years. However the days of just having a TV with excellent graphic, sound system will no longer cut the mustard in today's market. The distinction now lies in additional services - Panasonic risks becoming yesterdays news and very quickly loosing market share. No software updates, no ITV player, no Lovefilms two year old TV needs replacing. At this rate it risks not been a Panasonic!! Sorry guys.

  • Just bought my father a Panasonic Smart TV and incredibly disappointed to find there is no 4OD or Lovefilm app - obviously extremely frustrating as you buy a smart TV for certain functions, which this does not have.

    I have been a big fan of Panasonic for many years, but I find my loyalty wavering...

  • I just wanted to add my agreement here to the posts above. I hope that Panasonic pick this up and react soon. With the launch of Youview and other mainstream devices having ITV player, 4oD and 5 on demand the fact that these apps are missing from Panasonic connect will start to become a deal breaker for many. If some of the other forums are correct it looks as if ITV player has been in beta test for some time now with Panasonic but for some reason not launched. Come on Panasonic pull your socks up. You have a lot of devoted fans out there. Don't loose them.

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