smoking areas on the pacific pearl??

  • i wondered what decks the smoking areas are on the pearl please. i am looking at booking a cruise for november and since i walk the stairs and dont do the lifts i dont want to be 4 decks from the smoking area.

    thanks :)

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  • Its usually just on the pool lido deck on one side.

    On the dawn its Portside, the Jewel Starboard not sure about the Pearl.

  • on the pearl its on the pool deck, deck 7 & deck 14....all starboard side

  • That's right James its on one side of the Promenade deck, I should have remembered, its the side of the Ship we never see.

  • ok thanks guys. deck 7 would be closer to cabins than 14 :)

  • Deck 12 as well

  • It was starboard side on the Dawn last sept,,,decks 7 and 12 and a small area outside the Dome..

  • thanks for the info :)

  • can anyone tell me if you can take coffee from buffet to smoking area ? as i am going in nov

  • yes Danni you can take coffee to the smoking area.

  • Danni and Leah, how are you guys getting into this site, thought it had been closed down by P&O.

  • i dont know. i just clicked the link after danni posted

  • Thats what i did Leah.

  • i.m not real good with facebook so i don,t know how i did it ,hope i did,nt do something wrong well i,ll soon find out :(

  • Nothing wrong Danni, just wondered how you found this forum site.