Princess Cruisers compared to P&O

  • AS this is my first cruise, I am interested to find out how Princess compared with P&O. I am interested in any glaring differences but particulary how the cost of the cruise compares. I have been told that the cost is very similar for the two cruises. Is this correct?

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  • Jo, I only went on one P&O cruise and that was the Pacific dawn in January and compared with the Sun Princess I tarvelled on last April there was no comparison.

    The SP left the PD for dead. The eating arrangements, the standard of food provided on the SP was exceptional. Entertainment was top class and no queues. NO Pacific Dawn again for me while ever the Sun Princess provides the same service that I experienced last April

  • Thanks Kevin....your posts have been very helpful. Can you tell me the cost comparison for 2 similar cruises - Princess and P&O. Or can anyone else advise me?

  • i think the dfference is that p&o are more a budget cruise, so people like me can afford to go, i looked at similiar to what i wanted to do with princess and for me on a dissability pension, it just isnt an option

    I guess it depends on whether you are a 3 star or 5 star kind of person, me, im cheap LOL

    And i love every minute of my p&o cruise

  • Jo, overall princess is a better ship as you can bring on 1 bottle of wine PP in every port and the odd 6 pack of beer and the smoking rule is so much better, with the food the only time you have to pay extra is in the steak house, pizzas, ice creams, hamburgers and chips are free but you pay for that in your fare

    with p&o the cabins are so much bigger, the showers better and i think the shows are about the same

    p&o is 3 stars & princess 4 stars, we dont mind either ship but princess has the best loyalty program but p&o are working on i have been told

  • I think that it comes down to a personal choice. We have done 2 cruises on Sun Princess and 5 on P&O. It can also be an age demographic, Princess tend to cater to the older market and P&O younger market. The two trips we did on Princess where great, but we also had our own large group and yes the food was fantastic. P&O is not as upmarket but always priced well and you will have a lot of fun. Our two children aged 18 & 21 definately prefer P&O but I would be happy to cruise on either. Looking forward to the loyalty program with P&O as we do get great benefits with Princess as we are Platinum members and so it is good to sail with them and get the bonuses.

  • I have only been on P&O (Dawn) & loved every minute of it.

    I have heard the Princess cruises are more upmarket meaning the staff are not as friendly & also the passengers are older & also less likely to mix & mingle as much as on P&O.

    Can anyone comment that has been on both Princess & P&O?

  • We didn't find the staff to be any different than P&O if anything I think they might have been a little bit better. Perhaps the cruise director and their staff are not as friendly, but the waiters, bar staff and cabin staff where excellent.

    The passengers are a bit older on the Princess cruises' but on a new years eve one we did they average age was probably somewhere around 40 - 50.

    I think it depends on what you are looking for in a cruise, if you want a party cruise then definately P&O is the way to go.

  • I don't think Princess is necessarily better they are just different.

    Princes have newer ships, allow you to bring a bottle of wine etc with you for sailaway, Princess is a little more formal than P&O.

    P&O have better, more extensive entertainment, better kids clubs, so they have a younger demographic and are good for family and the younger cruiser.

    I agree with Cathy, Princess have generally an older demographic and are great for people who want a quieter more formal experience.

    Food is similar, P&O and Princess are both owned by Carnival.

  • hello every one. well my first cruise was on the pacific sun , and l loved it , friendly ppl and staff, then my second cruise was with princess. where l found a lot older group. staff was not as friendly, and a few were more stuck up. and they are alot dearer in price compared to p&o. now in aug the whole familys going for 7 days on the dawn, so at least the my adult children will have a younger group to mix with, and l must say p&o staff remember your name, and clean your rooms better...l m going to try and do as many 3 dayers as possible and on different ships. to check out the differenters,, thank you. but like someone else said its up to you and depends on your age...

  • Thanks Michelle, I think you have confirmed my understanding of the difference between the two & I know which one I will now stick with.

    Pacific Dawn in 183 more days!!!

  • Good choice - she is a nice ship.

    I agree with a lot that has been said above.

    I am now booked on cruise number 19 .....

    P&O cruises are for the party people - age group is more mixed with a balance of the different ages. I like the style of food better on P&O (any time dining which means food is cooked to order).

    Princess - age group definately older. My first Princess cruise was a 46 day cruise and the age group was mostly over 50. I thought the length of the cruise was a factorl, but then I went on a 13 day cruise and it was the same. Maybe if you went during school holidays the age group might be younger. I like the set time dining option but not the fact that the food is then cooked in mass and can sometimes be a little like hostel food (overcooked). Still very nice though.

    Overall - I dont really care about the ship - I just love cruising and usually pick the cruise I want to do regardless of the ship. We always make our own fun. (we are in our 40s and have 2 kids 10 and 12 who love cruising with us). They love both company's kids clubs for different reasons. Less kids on Princess and more individual attention - more kids on P&O bigger parties, talent shows etc.

  • @Robert-when you said the smoking rule is better. Who for?-does this mean less smoking areas or more.I'm a non-smoker so I'm assuming you mean less areas for smoke.

  • Linda, with princess you can smoke in your cabin and balcony where as with p&o no smoking in either....thats about the only difference, the non smokers still have 95% of the ship but i dont want to drawn into an argument about the smoking policy

  • No-I didn't want an argument just clarification as depending on what side of the fence you sit on, this could be a positive or a negative. I've done 10 cruises with various cruise lines, but never with Princess

  • Linda, thats ok....i dont smoke persoanally but people pay big $$$ to cruise on p&o and find out they cant smoke on the balcony......even the alcohol policy on princess you are to bring on one bottle of wine or champagne PP at every port to drink in your cabin but if you take to the dining room you have to pay a corkage fee

  • I like the sound of Princess's wine policy-I have a few favourite wines I like to drink-pay about $15 a bottle. Looks like I'm going to have to pay big bucks to drink wine I don't like. (I'm going on my first P&O cruise in 4 weeks. )

  • Linda, have a good time on p&o, you'll enjoy yourself

  • I hope so-I've been on heaps of cruises overseas.One on P&O Ventura out of Barbados. Loved them all. This time I thought I'd try the local product. I'm sure I'll have a great time-just being on holiday is a positive in itself and I'm really looking forwrd to visiting all the different islands/ports as I've never visited any of them before

  • I am an ex smoker and I have never smelt smoke on the Princess ship (even in the balcony cabins). Smoking is only permitted outside and I must say for me it has gone unnoticed

  • Deanne, you can still smoke in the cabins and balcony on princess but they do a good job of cleaning, if anyone smells smoke in their cabin let the steward know

  • You are not supposed to smoke on the balconies of P&O but our last cruise on the Dawn we were out on our balcony when a cigarette butt came in from the balcony above - NOT HAPPY!

    No point in reporting it as they would never have found out exactly which cabin it came from.

  • Gosh, so many positive comments...thank you to all who took the time to write. Seems it is a case of horses for courses! Either way I am going to love my first cruise....The Dawn here I come!

  • Princess are soon to be a non smoking ship thats in Australia waters I'm not sure about international and i think p and o are soon to follow , smoking hasn't been allowed in cabins or balconies for a long time as an ex smoker all i can say is thank heavens for that i certainly don't want to pay a lot of money for a well deserved holiday and have to smell cigarette smoke