P&O shuttle to airport

  • Do we need to ring P&O to arrange to go to/from ship to airport on the shuttle? And what is the cost? There are 4 of us so probably taxi better option to ship. After cruise we will be hiring a car and airport seems the closest place to get one. This is from Brisbane by the way

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  • hi we arranged a shuttle bus to go from ipswich to Brisbane port at a cost of $140 return for 2 of us we thought that wasnt bad for all the convenience with lugguge etc..depending on where u from thou it might be cheaper..the one we used was called airport west transfers with wayne and jean as owners 38128751. We used them before and always relaible and no poroblems.They probably do from port to airport for much cheaper to so give them a ring perhaps and see what they say...

  • P&O supplies a shuttle bus between airport/wharf for those passengers who book their flights through P&O. Passengers CANNOT book seats on these shuttle busses, unless it's part of the air flight package.

    HOWEVER, subject to bus seats being available, you can join the shuttle bus (a fare, paid in cash applies). Keep in mind shuutle busses meet only those flights on which P&O passengers are expected to arrive, and there is no guarantee that seats will be available!

    On arrival from your flight, look for a P&O representative - he/she will be wearing a P&O polo shirt with name badge, and be carrying a P&O clipboard/sign (the sign may not be showing, if passengers are not currently expected). Alternatively, look for Murray's coaches outside the passenger terminal. Ask the P&O Rep, or coach driver (nicely) and you'll most likely be away.

    However, repeating, availability of seats and presence of coaches to pick up passengers is a "must".