Drink Prices

  • Trying to get an idea on drink prices but can't see any menus on the P&O website (makes me think they must be expensive !!)...wine at mealtimes, a beer or two at sunset, maybe a cocktail or a spirit in the afternoon.

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  • If you buy wines at meal times, I found it cheaper to buy it by the bottle. A glass was either $7 or $9 ( I can't remember, someone else will though) but I got a bottle of Sauv blanc for $24 every night. Any that you don't drink, they'll store for the next night. That was in the dining room, I don't think you can do that in the buffet.

  • They sell wine by the bottle in the Buffet on the Dawn and the Jewel at least and you can take it away from the buffet in an ice bucket to consume in your cabin or on deck.

    Beer is $5.50 - $8.00

    Spirits around $8 - 8.50

    Cocktails $7.95 - 12

  • Thanks guys. Between two of us, we will probably go a bottle with dinner ! Very useful information to help with budgeting.

  • If you can take a bottle of wine back to your cabin, can you take a bottle of spirits back? lol Im assuming not but no harm in asking!

  • good question...by a bottle of jd to put on the table at dinner time and then take it back to the room when you are done eating...i like it !!!

  • Not really Amber, its a shame they don't do Spirit packages like some American ships.

  • Janet

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  • Bugger, guess ill have to hold my nose and drink wine then :P

  • I thought they would be so much more as you have no choice but to buy their drinks. I was very surprised and happy with the prices

  • Is the beer price listed above ($5.50-$8.00) per glass/pot/schooner or stubbie?

  • I think from memory from my husband drinking beer it was per bottle. He drank coronas and they were 6.95 or 7.95, not quite sure

  • The beer prices above are for a stubbie. I have found their prices to be quite reasonable compared to local bars and also bars in cbd and tourist areas. I've never had cocktails that cheap anywhere else.

  • Thanks for the reply guys...should make for an interesting cruise then ;-)

  • there was a price list listed not to long ago and i think copied it in my phone if i find it i will re upload

  • yep i drunk beer at lunch wine with dinner n cocktails any other time and i did not spend a bundel :) still had penty of $$$ for shopping

  • We were surprised at drink prices, not as much as we thought it would be. Cocktails ranged from $8.50 - $11.50, beer from $5.50, cappuccino $3, iced coffee $4, milkshakes from the icecream bar $4.95 (they are so good!).

  • On the Jewel we brought a bottle of wine at the buffet and took it downstairs to the Waterfront resturant, they were running behind downstairs so we had a drink while waiting to be seated, no problem at all

  • Hi We about to embark on our very first cruise on the Pacific Sun in April from Brisbane. Now I was told that you could bring your own wine and etc to the dining resturants, is this true? Would I need to buy the wine from the Duty Free shop or can I just bring it aboard?

  • I havent cruised since 2001, but going on my next one in August and after reading lots of information, Im 100% sure you can't take any alcohol on the P & O Australian ships and I think anything you buy duty free is confiscated until the end of your cruise- can someone verify this for me?

  • You can't take any alcohol on board with you. If you do buy duty free alcohol, they keep it and give it to you on your last night. You can take your own soft drinks, water and juice with you and take that to the restuarants and buffet if you wish.

  • no you cant take wine on board or any alcohol.You can buy a bottle of wine for tea and if you dont drink it all , they put ur name on it and then give it back to u the next night at dinner or lunch

  • Do they still have a cocktail of the day that is cheaper in price?

  • we got our duty free the morning of our last sea day. so if you buy a little extra yes you can drink some of it on board. they scan bags looking for glass bottles. i didn't see any cocktail of the day but you can get a good cocktail for $8.50. if you do the cocktail mixing class its $25 for 4 cocktails! definitely worthwhile doing!

  • I dont think u can at all drink alcohol you buy duty free. They take it off you. So how much is a little extra? just curious thats all

  • yes they take it off you but you get it back the day before you disembark. depends how much you drink. we didn't but we knew people who bought an extra 500ml bottle over their allowance and drank that on board with soft drink they brought from home. they didn't even get a second glance going through customs so seems this is fine to do.

  • ok I just thought they might check the docket to see what you spent and if any was missing they might say something? Has this happened to anyone?