deck 8 pacific jewel.

  • could anyone give me some feedback re; deck 8 outside cabins? currently booked onto 8142. have looked at deck plan, but would like to hear past passengers opinions. thanks.

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  • i would also love to know michelle i am booked on jewel in december i think its cabin 8170 i was a bit worried about noise from casino

  • Hi Michelle and Karen....we were on the jewel on the 20th march...our cabin was 8153, we were really happy with noise from the casino at all.We were nice and close to the lifts and right above the Waterfront Resturant..very easy to use the stairs.We also found that there wasnt as much movement (rocking) at the back of the ship as there was at the front.Even with the casino opened 24 hours we didnt hear a thing, it is still quite a distance fron the back of the ship.We were very happy with our cabin and had a lovely cabin stewart named Jose.Hope you both enjoy your cruise as much as we did.

  • Janine - thanks for that info - we are on Deck 8 (8135) on 10 May and we too, have been wondering about noise levels. I wanted to put a post up to ask if anyone is on that cruise on that level, but can't find where to post new discussions. Maybe we'll have Jose too!! Depends how many cabins they are responsible for I guess.

    33 days to go - we have our tickets now so that makes it REAL - roll on 10th May

  • Hi Michelle, We went on the Dawn last July and had the room D142 which is the same level and room as you have but different ships, I am led to believe the rooms are the same on the Dawn and The Jewel and we loved our room. It was very central to bothe upstairs and down and also from front to back. We walked out our room and the lifts were right there. You didnt have any noise from the casino but if your hubbie has an afternoon nap its close enough to sneak down there for a quick go. We are booked on the same cruise as you this year so we may catch up. Only 13 weeks to go...

  • thank you janine i must admit i was worried about beingnear the casino as weare taking our 7 & 9 year old daughters

  • thnks for all you replies!!! and tracey, look forward to meeting you, you will always find me at the karaoke !!!


    (sorry about capitals)