2nd cruise discount?

  • I have just seen a cruise that I would LOVE to do in Jan 2012 to NZ.

    I am booked for my first cruise in Oct this year.

    I have heard that subsequent cruises, you get a discount?

    If I was to book the NZ cruise before actually going on my first cruise - would I get this loyalty discount???

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  • I think you get past passenger discounts, we did on our 2nd and now our 3rd. I'm not sure if they go by rooms or actually how it works

  • Thanks Agnes.

    Do you know if the discount would still apply if you haven't actually been on your first cruise yet? It's booked, but not til Oct this year....

  • it depends when you go on your second cruise and consecutive cruises. If it is a really popular time for sailing usually use just get room upgrades. If its not so busy at the time you want to go apparently you can get money taken off your cruise. Well this is what my travel agen told me.

    My first cruise was jan 2009 and next cruise is this new years eve. So when i booked the TA knew me already and said she would call p and o and see what past passenger discount they could do for me. They said that because it was new years and extremely popular cruise they were unable to take money off the cruise but would upgrade me from the bottom level of the ship ( we chose that cause it was the cheapest and we didnt mind) and now are two levels from the top. At least we wont have as far to walk for everything lol. We were happy with that :)

    Im not sure though sorry if u book a cruise and havent yet been on your first.

  • I'd guess if you've paid for your first cruise, then there wouldn't be a reason they can't give it to you. Ask at the travel agent (or who you booked it through) for your passenger number, so when you deal with an agent in the future, you can provide that number as being a past passenger. Remember to ask as many companies as you can to get the best deal.

  • linda - where did you see a cruise for jan 2012??? i want to book my honeymoon for then

  • Thanks everyone. I think I will call P&O :)

    Megan...I found it on the ozcruising website. They have up until March 2012 on their website...but P&O doesn't...not sure why.

  • I rang P&O...they said that the past passenger discounts won't apply until after I've actually been on my first cruise (oct 10).....PLUS, they don't always apply to every cruise...& it's not always a discount - sometimes it might be an upgrade or even on-board credit.

    Now just to decide whether to book the 2nd cruise before I go on the first...or to wait until after. Decisions, Decisions!!! LOL

  • We have just recently booked our 3rd cruise and actually did better with the past customer discount from our t/a, plus she bettered any of the 4 quotes we got and got us more on board credit

  • Look up Best Cruises or Oz Cruises much better $$$$ values and put it to your ta or just do it on line like a lots of us do...happy hunting.....

  • i have just booked my third cruise (the first two were done March this year). I didn't receive a discount for the third cruise - it's up to P&O and is not applied on all cruises - i'm not too concerned as i got a good price anyway through ozcruising

  • Hi Julia, that's what we did, we got 4 quotes and then took them to our t/a and she bettered the lowest and got us extra onboard credit...got a great deal so spoilt ourselves and got a balcony cabin

  • Narelle ,just love hearing grate deals well done and I know you will enjoy...