PURPLEXUZ Level 36-45 hints

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  • Hints:

    36: Human lost.

    37: No hint.

    38: Football lovers should know it.

    39: Image itself speaks about it.

    40: forward-backward

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  • Hint 42: Different part of images depict different things...Combine them

  • Q. 42 So far I have cruiser bat canal and tank :|.. am I on the right track?

  • q42 : is it the name of any person/movie/place/thing?

  • @medha,simpi... you ar going off the track slightly..

  • 36th hint plz..


  • @admin : further hints on 36.....

  • 36th hint...

  • no further hints shall be provided

  • @online plz would u also leave them and start helping others as well...



  • dude...half an hour pehle v kanjoosi !:(

  • Q 42. Cruiser + Canal + Tank = ?.. can you specify what is the answer name/thing/object/place etc.

  • @Arvind: We are giving hints to all.Check out all the threads.We cant help you if you want us to spoonfeed you

  • 36th hint de yaar.

  • dude....pls hint for 36......make it interestn man......is it related to lost series ??

  • yaar hint dedo ......atleast let us c d further questions.....

  • is 36th related to some tv series that has lost persons or some person who died recently..

  • admin fast ......

  • @Arvind: In wrong direction....

  • format of the answer?

    name , movie name,etc?

    11th hour ....lil pity admin...

  • q 42 canal which is highway to india... right approach?

  • give a hint man...!!

    we wont reach q42 in 15mins:|

  • is it related to sports?

  • is it related to sports?

  • @ankur...we wont be answering such type of queries at this stage..

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