• Hey, I am new to Moron and looking for a 4-door vehicle similar to the Audi S-60 early 2000's. Would like to keep it around 3000 Euro. Hope you can help me out!



  • Thanks, I appreciate it. I am off on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday if you are able to find something for me to check out.

  • You are correct I apologize. My boss has an Audi that looks similar to the Volvo S60. I was just down to Rota today to check out the lemon lot and other sources. Tested a Saab that was nice

    but it was a 2 door and I really want a 4 door.

  • Are any of them 4 doors that run good? I am not to terribly picky.

  • Hi Katy, I did not receive a private message. Please try again or email at

    I appreciate your help. I will be down to Rota again on Thursday to look at a BMW. If you have something for me to look at then that would be fantastic.