the magazine binders

  • hi guys how do you make the binder up? i have those little plastic things but what do i do with them and how di get the magazines in? thanks.

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  • i would like help with that to if any 1 know x

  • i think i managed it you get the little white clips pull them off that long thing and stick them thru the holes at top of folder and open your mag up and slide the pin things into mag to hold them? i hope this makes some sense some 1 just told me x

  • My wife is having the same problem with the binder so if anyone can point us in the right direction that would be great.

  • Take the plastic clips of from the top and bottom then open the magazine in the middle (where the staples are) now slide one of the plastic hook thing into the first hole on the top and one on the bottom hole. Close the magazine and do to the same with the next issue and then carry on with the remaining magazines the same way. Hope this helps! :)

  • Hi my name is sue and the way you put the books into the binder: first break off the luttle white pegs and there are little spacers at the top of the binder insert the little peg just a touch and then place your first book in and open the pages and the little peg goes inbetween the pages to hold it in place hope that helps