Soggy sugarpaste

  • How do you stop sugarpaste going soft and gooey

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  • is it doing that when you colour it, or just on its own? If it's getting too much moisture it will go sticky. Try sprinkling it with icing sugar while you're working with it. Liquid food colours also make it really sticky and hard to work with - the gel/paste colours are fab as you only need a tiny bit and they don't make it too wet to use (apologies if you know that already ;0) ).

    I always tend to have the opposite trouble with it drying out quicker than I can use it!

  • When working with sugar paste i used to use icing sugar but found everything got even stickier! saw a tip to use cornflour and that works really well.

  • Its once its finished and ive got it standing in a cake box, ive removed it from out the kitchen as i didnt want it getting warm from the heat of any cooking but it still has the same effect usually within 24hrs of making them

  • maybe I need to store them a different way, not sure how tho, would in the fridge be better?

  • everything i've read says to never put a sugarpaste covered cake in the fridge...think it makes it worse

  • I can only suggest to keep them somewhere dry, or in an air tight container. The kitchen and fridge has too much moisture in the air.

  • at christmas when i made an xmas cake i covered it in marzipan then ready roll / sugarpaste icin, an kept in an air tight container/ tin, and kept in draw, was fine an tasted great :). so all id say is keep in an air tight container/ tin, hope this helps

  • I'll have to play trial and error I think as Ive already been keeping them airtight in a cake box and away from the kitchen so god knows, thanks for your help and comments

  • try to avoid leaving it in a damp room. i have this trouble only with certain coloured fondant, black being the worst for some reason, when i leave it in my dinning room, which is a damp room. when i put it in my kitchen it dries out and is fine. store in a cake box, NEVER leave in the fridge as this will make the fondant sweat because of too much moisture from the fridge. i have also kept them in my bedroom from time to time. just make sure the room is not damp, or too much heat so dont leave in front of a window. dark, cool and dry are the key words. xx

  • Think i'll try another room and see if this helps, thanks