Orders not received

  • Hi I have 2 subscriptions, 1 for my daughter and my own.This month my daughter has received her but I am still waiting!! I called customer service ans was told that I have to wait until 17th December before I can have a replacement, well that's the Christmas issue no good to me for a start, yet I am still expected to pay for what I don't have.

    Customer service are the most unhelpful people on the planet.

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  • Angie I phoned up to complain mine hadn't arrived and was told it had been dispatched on the 17th. The bloke on the ohone promised it would arrive by tomorrow and it arrived today. Fingers crossed your second one arrives soon.

  • i ordered binders and they said allow 14 days for delivery when i ordered. its now been 3 weeks and still no binders. when i phoned sayed it will be a another 5 to 7 days due to stock. its been 8 days since then still no binders. not happy at all