Issue 9 Insert

  • so, today i bought Issue9 and inside there was an "Important Notice" insert that says " as of issue 11 customers might not be able to buy cake decorating magazines in shops unless they place a regular order with their newsagent"

    Does this mean that the supermarkets will no longer be selling the magazine? Why are they doing this? Maybe its a way to get us to subscribe, which i have no intention of doing. If i can no longer buy it when i do my shopping at asda then i wont be buying it at all :(

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  • they are probable doin that so they dont order too many and only order enough for who wants them, mayb ask asda to order u 1 in ever week mayb.

  • I will be asking Tesco to order/put one buy for me.

    I have enought Shops that sell it near to me, I am sure I will be able to get it from one of them.

  • Nikki, this is standard with partworks as after issue 11 the newsagents won't be able to send back any they don't sell. Alot of small newsagents won't stock it as they don't want to get stuck with a load of mags they cant sell. Most places will get you one every week. I wouldn't use WHSmiths though as they charge you a small fortune to have things reserved.