Issue 41 Now in the Shops

  • Hi all

    I was out doing my Christmas Shopping in Tesco.

    They are selling Issue 41 in the shop, I could not believe it.

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  • They seem to be getting things out on time a lot better now - it's taken a while!

    Happy Christmas, Peter, and thanks for posting with news of new issues and what's free with them.

  • Hi Andrea I enjoy doing it ... I must say I was surprised to see Issue 41 in the Shops.

    But with christmas messing things up Its a good Idea I suppose.

    I hope you have a Happy Christmas and I look forward to posting all the up and coming Issues.

  • Thanks again. I'm sure we have some good issues to look forward to in 2013.

    Enjoy Christmas with your two girlfriends in your little pic, tee hee.