Is Anyone interested in joining a Cooking and baking Fb page

  • Hi all

    Just a thought about setting up a fb page for people to share ideas, recipes amd web-sites.

    It will also be easier to download pics, anyone that joins would automatically see pics on the page, then they can go to members and look at their albums.

    It is easier to DL pics to facebook, that is what I have found.

    IF anyone is Interested answer this and I will set it up and post a link here.

    I am trying to think about a name, if you want to suggest a name it would be brill, the more the merrier.

    It will deal with Celebration cakes, Muffins or whatever people wanted to talk about, as long as it was about Baking

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  • :)

  • hi peter, i would certainly be up for joining,good to share ideas and tips.hope your page is x

  • yesssss id like to join sounds a gud idea:D

  • Hi Shell/Rebecca I will be sorting out the web-site in the next few days I will put a link on here.

    it should be good, once it has been up and running for a little while.

    With xmas coming up we should get some good ideas ..

    see you soon