• I wonder if there will be an index for the magazines? I am only up to issue 21 and sometimes it takes me ages to find a particular recipe.

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  • I think this is a great Idea.

    hopefully in the last issue they do as you say.

    Im halfway through my third binder, as you say it can be a real pain .. lol

  • I agree, its annoying already and by the end there will be so many recipes I wont remember half of them let alone what mag they were in!

    I was thinking of writing my own and adding to it with each delivery but it would be much better to have a proper one

  • i agree too, i spent ages looking for the board decorating bit, i knew i'd seen it but couldn't find it for love nor money. \\i now put those small post its into the pages i use all the time like to icing one !