I can't get in contact with De Agostini!!!!

  • I subsribed to Cake Decorating last month and received my 2nd and 3rd issue at the end of March but I still have not received my 1st issue. I have emailed, phoned and left messages and phoned and put on hold. Out of the emails and phone messages I've left no one have replied!! I spent two days trying to get through on the phone but after about 10 minutes of waiting the line goes dead!!!

    Has this happened to aanyone else? Is anyone having problems getting through??

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  • think they are having to reprint issue 1 due to high demand

  • I email them and they've responded within a week for all 3 times I have emailed, I find them helpful if not a bit ditzy for some members of staff :)

    I email them with: customercare@deagostini.co.uk, although you can now PM them here as they've said :) xxx

  • Try sending a private message on Facebook. They just replied to me within half an hour!

  • i was on the phone the other day and gave up after 15 min

  • I tried 3/4 times a day EVERY day last week to get through to customer svce, As yet i haven't got through & i've been waiting for around 10 mins when i phoned, I put the phone down & will not ring now as im being charged for the phone call as soon as the automated voice comes on. They sent me a letter stating my card details were invalid & that subscriptions were cancelled & £3.98 was owed, As i cant get through ive resubscribed from issue 4 which is what im waiting for. Now i find when i log in to my 1st subscription they have actually sent out issues 4 & 5 yesterday despite not having a payment set up ! So now i need to cancel the new subscription . I'm not ringing though sick to death of trying to get through, i emailed last tuesday & haven't heard back. I inboxed their facebook page as i was advised to do so, 3 days later i get a reply saying they cant help ! Ridiculous. I honestly feel like giving up & just going to buy a proper book from asda or something. Ive seen so many posts about missing issues, payment problems & their call centre being in NIGERIA ! Not a happy bunny me.

  • I just got through to someone this minute. Give it a try now, I was only waiting 3 minutes

  • I just got through to someone this minute. Give it a try now, I was only waiting 3 minutes

  • i have tryed for two weeks now to get in touch with custermer care about my order and not being able to pay them but up to now cannot get through hope i havent done the wrong thing but just re ordered it again any suggestions how to get in touch with them thanks

  • I have tried ringing loads and then the line goes dead, im going to try and facebook them a message now, does anyone have another telephone number for them?? thanks

  • I have actually had to send them a letter and record it so I know someone gets it. I still haven't heard back from any of my emails or voice messages and the 1st one was left 3 WEEKS AGO!! I thought they were a large company, surely they should have better customer service than this??!!

    I've actually paid for issues 1 to 5 but I still haven't received my 1st one!!

  • Send them a facebook message in this group. They respond in the same day and things get sorted.

  • i tried foning today and not impressed either. first person i spoke to couldnt help so passed me on. the second person asked for my customer number agen so gave it slowly and clearly but took him 3 attempts and then he hung up on me. so tried agen and yet another foreign person who didnt understand english very well didnt help either. so i told them if i didn't recieve my issue 4 and 5 by end of next week i will cancel my subscription. i like the mag but think customer services is crap in my local newsagent they have a large number of issue 5 and they told me they have run out hense why i aint got mine yet why both subcribing when i can get it quicker through my local newsagent just dont understand it. they have alot of work to do otherwise i think they will loose alot of customers

  • I really like the magazine, but the Customer Service is appalling. The website invites you to message their customer care team, but they clearly ignore messages, I have written to the address in J

  • I have written to the address in Jarrow, and no reply. The only phone numbers that are given send you through to their call centre in South Africa. It is very difficult to communicate with anyone as some of the assistants do not speak very clear English. I did not receive my order at the end of March 2013 of issues 45-48 and a binder, phoned to chase this up, was told that they would re-send within 28 days, this did not happen, they sent just a binder and no note inside to explain why no magazines. I called again and the said they would re-send them again, they didn't, called again and then they told me that they had sent out a letter in the post to say that these issues were out of stock. I still haven't received these and am not impressed at all by the service I have received. I asked if they had a proper phone number for the depot in the UK but the assistant said they didn't have one. I asked to speak to a manager, and he basically said that the company were losing money be repeatedly having to re-send issues out. Well they have taken my money for these, its only because of their incompetence that they are having to re-send these! It is disgusting how I have been repeatedly fobbed off. Maybe Deagostini had better think about moving their call centre to the UK where there are no end of people looking for jobs, plus would improve communication and customer care all round!!


  • I have subscribed to Deagostini's issues through Jacklin Enterprises SA.....PEOPLE, DO NOT SUBSCRIBE!!!! Their promise of "You can cancel at anytime" is BS!!! Seems my next step will be Consumer Board as I am not getting any replies from Deagostini OR Jacklin Enterprises!!!!......I have been sending emails to get them to cancel my subscription as they are sending damaged books and goods AND deducting more that the R39 per issue as they have stated. PEOPLE, DO NOT, use these people to subscribe, you are going to battle should you wish to cancel.

    Jacklin Enterprises is a direct marketing company specialising in mail order with a high technology, fulfillment operation in South Africa. - BS!!!

    P.O.Box 521, Parklands 2121, South Africa

    Tel: +27 11 265 4200

    Fax: +27 11 314 2984

  • I have now completed my 90 issue subscription, only with help from Simon Watson, Jacklin ENT based in UK.

    My subscription was mismanaged, shut down without reason, they continued charging my expired credit card account for almost 4 months. They lied, told stories...call centre in Johannesburg, South Africa I was laughed at, hung up on, or just lied too.

    Make a FORMAL COMPLAINT, send a letter demanding SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST. This gets you copies of calls, explanation of events. Also they have 40 days to do this. Staff comments on my record included: difficult to deal with! Yet their agents could not be understood.

    I was given £50 credit on my account, and Simon to manage remaining 45 issues.

    Today he advised he will no longer help me, despite subscribing to Something Sweet. He even suggested I do not subscribe?