how many issues?

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  • Hi could you tell me how many issues there will be.


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  • According to replys a wee bit further down, its 90!!!

  • how much are they each..i just cant seem to find it on the website.

  • issues are 2.99

  • I just subscribed and didnt realise how many issues there are!! so am i right in thinking my credit card will be nearly £300 lighter!!! omg

  • I did the same. I do think you can opt out at any time (I hope ) £300 is a LOT!!

  • Yes , you can opt out at any time x

  • Mmmm, we shall see if the mag is value for money, 4 a month means it will be for about 2 years..?

  • LOL I didn't realise it would be so many! Will see what it's like!

  • I like the idea of this mag but I am very weary of subscribing as I was caught out by "Baked and delicious"(produced by eaglemoss). They were ment to send 2 issues a month at £4.99 an issuse I signed up mid August by the end of october I had recieved 19 issuse and was £102 lighter. When I asked what was going on they said they were "catching me up". (I was not aware they "catch you up" from t&cs on web site) when you sign up and put your big number from your card in you give them access to your account and they can take money when they feel like it and the bank can't cancel it. I am not in any way saying that Deagonstoni will do the same I am just saying beware I would hate for someone to have the same problem.

  • i had a really good experiance with B & D never got more issues that i should have, and money came out when it should have. I cancelled because i wasnt really using the bakeware or the recipes but im always baking cakes and other sweet treats so this magazine is perfect.

    you can say oh its going to cost £300 odd for subscribing etc etc, but even if you guy the issues from the shop and get the whole collection its going to cost you just as much..

  • i am wondering if its cost effective????? how much are you going to use from the books that you cant find online?? think im going to take a look on ebay and see what the tools are going to cost :$

  • It probably will be cost effective, because if the tools are good quality, then they will work out cheaper to get them with the magazing than to buy the tools by themselves from the shops. It would probably cost more than £300 to get everything the magazine will provide form a shop.

  • Given the current cost of nozzles, stencils and tools I think it will be cost effective as long as they're decent quality. The only downside will be if you see a project that you want to try but the tools you need don't come out until a later issue!

  • I think the magazine is worth it's money beacause given the cost of some sugarcraft books it's very reasonable and the fact you get a free tool each week has certainly got my attention.

  • how did you find out it was 90 issues?

  • It does say £2.99 per issue & its issued weekly, 4 per month works out at £11.96 per month unless its a five week month, i have another magazine from them for my little boy and that's 60 issues so it will definitely be over 60 issues. i would agree that you get your moneys worth, i think you also have to look at it this way, even if if does cost £300 you have paid it little by little so you wouldn't miss it as much as paying up front for it all in one go.

  • Its mentioned on another of the forums that there will be 90 issues. Its also on the DeAgostini customer services Q&A page.

  • Just seen a very similar shell mould to the one I received in my local cake decorating shop for almost £10.00 this is more than 3 times the value of magazine so very happy

  • I have searched the DeAgostini website and found this: Q: How many issues are there in the Cake Decorating series? A: There are 120 issues currently planned in the Cake Decorating series.

  • Seems they have extended the series. I was all ready to finish, having just received issue number 90, but now if I decide to carry on, it's another 7 or 8 months! Does anyone think the magazines are getting repetitive so it's not worth getting another 30?

    Also I am sick to death of all the nozzles they keep sending, many of which look identical. I have received a few lately which got squashed in the post but I have so many from my subscription now, I have not asked for replacements. If I thought we might get some different and varied freebies in future issues, I would be happier.

  • Im annoyed its now gone up to 120 issues. Will they keep increasing the number I wonder?!

  • I cancelled after they announced the first increase. As Andrea said I was starting to find the issues and the freebies very repetitive. If they'd stuck with the original 90 I would have seen it out to the end to have the complete collection but I'm not paying another £100 odd pounds for extra magazines that don't teach me anything new. I was really annoyed that they just decided to increase the number of issues when it said on their website from the very beginning that the series was 90 issues long.

  • now 135 issues are planned

  • OMG didn't realise it was going on so long think I might have to opt out now.

  • I wouldnt mind but where do you store all the bits & i dont know about anybody else but there is no right answer on how many there are going to be. I think its about we all got a proper answer on this PLEEEEESSSSSSSSE.

  • Just read some of these messages, I was asking the same question. So sorry to inform you folk's I am on number 125 and counting, plus that is not including the Easter, Christmas or Halloween specials!! Had to buy plastic containers to put it all in!! Must be near the end so do not want to stop,

    saying that I hope I am as it is costing a lot of money so far.

  • I agree Maxine I have been told 135 issues but think that may change. So looks like no end in sight

  • If you go on their website now they are saying it is 150 issues! I have just had mine through up to 129 and think I will cancel soon. They are just adding extra issues to make more money. All my tool cases, nozzle case etc are full, and the free gifts are getting less and less likely to be something I'll use.

  • Hi Jen, you said your tool case and nozzle case are full, did they send any extra cases as i am only upto issue 73 and the case that holds the 7 tools is full but i have received another tool and nowhere to put it. Also would it be worth going past issue 90 as others have stated that it gets repetitive and less quality for the money.

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