How many issues?

  • Hi there,

    I was just wondering if anyone knew how many issues there are going to be in this series? I'm just wondering as the binders are quite big and take up a lot if room, if there is going to be lots more issues I might cancel my binders and find another way of storing them, also if anyone stores them differently which is just as convenient all tips ate welcome :)



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  • As has been posted before 90 issuses

  • plus 4 specials .. 2 specials still to come .. Christmas in just over a weeks time.

    Then probably easter, but that is my Guess.

  • How are you storing your Specials, Peter (or anyone else)? 6 binders will hold the 90 regular issues (6 x 15) but there's no room for the Specials.

    Also, is that right, only 4 Specials altogether? It's well over a year to the end of the subscription and although I don't suppose they will issue another Hallowe'en or Christmas Special for 2013, plus there's no Jubilee-type occasion coming up, I would have thought they would do more specials with all that time still to run?

  • I was told that there will be three specials a year so that would leave 2-3 to go next year. I bought an extra binder for the specials as I like them all to match. I would say that a magazine holder would be a good way to go, the magazines are quite thin so you would get quite a lot in one.

  • Thank you For your help Peter, Andrea and Laura! :) think 6 binders may be too many for me to store, will have to think of another way to store them! X

  • I have 4 binders so far .. I am going to get 2 more Binders for the magazines .. but I have a boX for the specials, they fit in just right.

    I like the Binders, it keeps them tidy.

    I don't know what other Specials they can do??

    An Valentines Special

    AN Easter Special

    These are the only two I can really think of

    I can't see them getting enought for a Mothers or Fathers Day Special, can anyone think of anymore specials.

    To tell you the truth I would only buy a Valentines and Easter special Issue, I feel any other specials is just a way to make them money, I don't feel it would benefit anybody much

  • perhaps a wedding special? that would be popular I think.

  • Oh, good idea about a wedding special (not that I have any weddings coming up!). That would definitely go down well with a lot of people. I agree about Valentines and Easter.

    As for storage, I agree with Jemma about how much shelf or cupboard space the binders will take up. They do hold the magazines nicely but they are so bulky! I have not been able to find standard magazine holders which 'bind' magazines in the same way unfortunately.

  • 90... :O

  • Is there a list somewhere of what free gift comes with each issue, as well as with the special issues?

  • People sometimes post on here what's coming up in the next issue and specials but I'm not aware of a list you can access which tells you about all the gifts with all the publications. You can often find out by googling "Cake Decorating gift issue 48" etc. I keep a handwritten record of the free gifts and have details of issues 1 - 50 if you want to know any of those.

  • There is more than 90. I am now on 101!

  • I've just received 109.

  • 110 here lady's, im needing to know how many more their is as thinking of cancelling if it goes on to long , I heard off someone 135!

  • It was originally going to be 90 issues - it is now 120. Earlier this year, they extended the collection due to its success. I hope it's not now 135!

    Interesting that quite a few people didn't seem to know about the extended subscription. I emailed de Agostini back in February as I found out by chance, and I told them some people might be caught out if they didn't know either but the direct debits kept being taken. The extra 30 issues plus the additional specials they have done since issue 90 will cost us another £90-£100. This is quite a lot of money to be taken from accounts, albeit in instalments, if you don't expect it. They said they had notified people on Facebook, which I think is poor as we don't all use Facebook regularly (this is the first time I've looked at it for ages). They should have emailed us. Did you guys not see it on Facebook either?

  • Well I've just got issues 120 and it shows you on the back what's in next weeks so would love to know how many more

  • There are 150 issues. Wow. That's a lot. They are very popular.