Christmas Cakes

  • Hi all,

    just after a bit of advice, please? I've got 3 Christmas cakes made and wrapped up ready for decorating. Will they keep ok until Christmas if I marzipan and ice them this week and store in cake boxes?

    I'm working around a two year old and a 3 month old so need to just grab a moment when i can ;0) but don't want them to spoil for being done too soon?!

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  • Hi Angela

    I didn't anser this straight away, as I thought someone would help you.

    You should be able to Marzipan your cakes ok, but it really depends on the Icing you are going to use.

    Rolled Icing would/should be ok, but royal Icing would be hard by Christmas if done now, even.

    If you can do it sometime around next weekend that would be enought time to harden enought to decorate.

    There is something you can put into it to keep it softer if you are Royal Icing it, can't remember what its called .. its amazing I know what it is called but my mind is a blank.

  • thank you - was planning to use sugarpaste on all but one of them (so can practice royal icing technique!!) so that's a big help, thank you!!