Can we please start using the forum properly

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  • When I spoke to the supervisor she told me that when you first subscribe that is the start date for you regardless of the start date of the magazine. They send out to people once a month according to your start date. So I now receive each monthly delivery at the 'right' time BUT it is a month after everyone else as my start date was a month 'late'. The specials are supposed to be sent out separately, my Jubilee one was a week late which was not really acceptable but ok as I was away anyway! This time I am not sending it back but I have said that if a 'special' with a 'date event' like Christmas or Easter Day or Halloween is late then I will not accept it and they will get it back and they will have to pay postage and I will want my money back quickly! She said OK.

    We will see!!

    I do hope that when your mags do start to arrive regular that you are happy with them, my daughter is certainly p[leased that we get them.


  • Jayne their postage is free anyway, if you'll ever need it it is: Deagostini Freepost NAT14808 Jarrow NE32 3BR.

    So far my subscription has been sent every 4 weeks as promised when I registered so I'm pretty happy, think I registered quite early and not too late for how they set it up.

    They seemed to have a lot of problems in May but that didn't affect my subscription terms, a few seemed to though or perhaps they where just registered too late as you said Jayne.

    I do hope they post some sort of terms and conditions, like they explained to you, on the main page (although Im sure it was said so in the terms before we registered) may help to ease the uproar that happened.

    Everyone seems settled now so I hope this months works out well :) xxx

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